January 13th, 2021 General Meeting Minutes

Board Attendees:
President -
Vice President - Phil
Secretary - Brittany
Treasurer - Tiffany
VP Rules & Tech - Jared
New Rider Director - Jeff
Race Director - Marshal
Rider Rep - Press & Contingency - Jim B
Rider Rep - Rulebook - Dennis
Rider Rep - Trophies & Class Sponsorship - Dallas
Rider Rep - PR & Events - Josh

Estimated Voting Members in Attendance: 50
Location: Zoom
Start Time: 7:00pm
End Time: 9:00pm

New Business:
Jim Wilson Update
Board contact info on website
2021 Awards Banquet Saturday Night Round 1

Jim W:

Renew your AMA Memberships
MRA Memberships opening up on Feb. 15th
Race School Registration opening up Feb. 15th
Waiting on finalized class list to contact manufacturers about contingency
Motoreg Transition
Speedhive results and points

Novice hours
Orbits, Grids, Championship training Iíve been doing
Meeting Minutes

Membership Feeís
Financials for 2020: Round Entries - took a loss on 4 out of the 5 rounds for a total loss of $17,858.26.
Membership Fees: cover all our admin costs such as office supplies, marketing materials, PO Box, Insurance premiums, software like Racewurx, and credit card processing feeís from paypal.
Membership 2020 - $38,220.00
Admin Expenses 2020 - $30,266.67
Insurance $24,406.65
Total: ($16,453.32)
YOY Comparisons -
Donations for 2020
2021 Plans

Get bikes ready for 2021 season

Race school Class and track info


Pueblo Motorsports Park update, 4 Companies bidded on contract, no awards as far as I know (NASA has a 5/22 date advertised)
La Junta Motorsports - estimation on 1 or 2 exhibition event
Social media guidelines on the website
updated bylaws on the website

New Rule Changes
Race Programs

Awards Budget
Help with Novice hours setting up trophies at each round and banquet

Marketing the MRA
IMS show in Loveland

Member Questions:
Boots update