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Thread: 2015 MRA 4 Hour Endurance Race Information

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    Exclamation 2015 MRA 4 Hour Endurance Race Information

    The 4 Hour Endurance Race is open to both teams and solo riders. This season’s 4 Hour Endurance Race will include three classes: Pony Express, True Endurance and Titanium Butt. Pony Express teams can consist of up to 4 members and each member can ride their own motorcycle. True Endurance Allows for up to four riders and only one motorcycle. Titanium Butt is for solo riders to compete alone in the event and must use one motorcycle. Imperial Sportbikes is once again title sponsor. Cash purse amounts are still being finalized. All motorcycles must pass MRA technical inspection. Engine and frame configuration is unlimited.

    Cost per rider for the event is $120 if you are only entering the 4 hour endurance. If you are racing in the 4 hour, in addition to sprint races, there will only be a $40 dollar surcharge. Riders having a license from another recognized racing organization are welcome to race with us under full license reciprocity. We will require you fill out our membership application and provide a copy of your race license. All 4 Hour Endurance competitors will be required to enter online at as is normally done for any other race weekend.

    For signup instructions:
    Each participant in the 4 Hour Endurance Event must register for One of the 3 available classes.(At the bottom of the available options)
    • Pony Express - (Unlimited class) (Multiple bikes possible) one transponder will be used as a baton between up to (4) racers.
    • Titanium Butt – (Unlimited class) – Solo Rider of unlimited origin.
    • True Endurance – (Unlimited class) - One bike used per team of unlimited origin (up to 4 team members)

    Team Captains:
    Please note we have functionality this year in RaceWurx to build up our teams.
    If you are a Team Captain for the 4 Hour Endurance event, you must please contact MRA Secretary, Jen Gross to get your team profile set up:

    Once we activate your Team-Profile then the Team Captain can go in and add in team members/ sponsors etc to that profile. Team Profiles are controlled by the Team Captains

    All endurance teams are also required to complete a team registration form and submit it to the MRA Secretary, Jen Grosse, prior to competition at The MRA reserves the right to allow or disallow the Team to compete in the Series. The registration form can be found downloaded here:

    The 4 hour rules and guidelines can be found in section 15 of the Rulebook located here- Please take some time to read them!

    More information regarding rules and cash purse is forthcoming.
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    6:00 – Gate opens
    6:30 – Pre-tech opens
    7:00 – Tech opens, Race Registration opens
    7:30 – Mandatory Riders Meeting
    Practice: ~7:45 to ~10:30

    Practice Sessions: (approximately 15 min rotations)
    Novice Combined / Production Cup
    Expert Slow / Medium Combined
    Expert Fast

    Novice Combined
    Expert Slow / Production Cup
    Expert Medium
    Expert Fast

    Novice Combined
    Expert Slow & (Production 250/400/500 Qualifying)
    Expert Medium
    Expert Fast
    A short break – Track re-clean, Nat’l Anthem, Resupply

    Saturday Registration closes at 10:00 A.M.

    Saturday Race Schedule Begins Immediately Following Practice
    Opening Ceremonies
    1. Novice GTU
    2. Production 250/400/500 Cup (Sat Race)
    3. Formula 40 GTU and GTO
    25 min Endurance Qualifying
    Lunch ~ 1 hour break and mandatory riders meeting for all endurance riders.
    4. Middleweight Supersport
    5. Lightweight Grand Prix
    6. Heavyweight Supersport
    7. Novice GTO
    8. Open Supersport followed by a 10 min break

    9. Four hour endurance

    ******Please notice that all sprint races will be shortened by one lap on Saturday and that the schedule is subject to change based upon the events during the race day.********

    The schedule on Sunday remains the same.

    2015 Endurance Classes will consist of Pony Express - (Unlimited class) one transponder will be used as a baton between racers. Titanium Butt – (Unlimited class) – One bike per team of unlimited origin.
    True Endurance – (Unlimited class) - One bike per team of unlimited origin

    An endurance team consists of three segments:

    a) Registered Team Owner b) Team Captain c) Team Riders
    All endurance teams are required to complete a team registration form and submit it to the MRA Secretary, Jen Grosse, prior to competition at The MRA reserves the right to allow or disallow any Team to compete in the Series.
    4Hour Endurance Entry Form: All points scored by a Team during an endurance race/season are owned by the registered Team Owner. The registered Team Owner has the option of being a rider.
    A Team Captain must be designated by the Team Owner. It is at the owner’s discretion to be the Team Captain or to name someone else. The Team Captain may be a Team Rider. It is mandatory that the Team Captain be present at all races entered by the Team during the season.
    A Team (Pony Express and True Endurance) may have no more than four Team Riders during an endurance race/season. A Titanium Butt rider may have no more than one rider during the race/season. In the event a Team Rider is injured or becomes unable to compete, the Team Owner may petition the MRA board for special consideration to allow that rider to be replaced temporarily or permanently by one other rider. In the event a team fields two entries, their roster will allow five riders provided the same roster is shared by both teams.

    If it becomes apparent during an event that a rider is only using an event for practice and is interfering with the competitive nature of the race, that rider will be black flagged and removed from the event at the discretion of the Track Marshal.

    For a complete breakdown of the rules please take a look at your 2015 Rulebook.


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