I thought this would be the most appropriate category to post this, if not, please feel free to move.

Not sure if everyone knows but I (and thus, Sol Performance) have made a switch of race tire brand we support. We are now a Pirelli race tire dealer. We made the switch for two major reasons. One is that Pirelli allows for more freedom in running our business as we feel fit. The other reason is that the pricing of these tires are more in tune to average people like you and I.

As such, I would like to extend a special for the people considering doing the MRA Superstreet races in 2012. We all know that racing is not a cheap sport at all. On the top of the expense list is race tires. Well, I would like to make that less of a burden to get out to the track. I am offering a STEEP discount on your first set of tires. This deal is for the riders that need all the help they can get to enter into the MRA superstreet race. If you don't know about it yet, check it out here. http://forums.mra-racing.org/viewtop...ht=superstreet

Unfortunately, I am not able to list prices here. So if this interests any of you guys (and gals!) please PM or email me and I will fill you in on the specifics.