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Thread: Heavyweight Endurance at PPIR

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    Heavyweight Endurance at PPIR

    It seems like there were a heck of a lot more starters than finishers this race. Was it the water? If it was, I understand- some serious pucker factor on the last turn. Not to mention the new line through 4.

    Did anyone just decide to run through it- or were most of you trying to avoid it (like me)?

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    I figured out a line that was working to avoid it... Until I came up on a lapper and as I was going around him I hit it! Pretty good front and rear push for a second but all worked out well in the end! After the 50th or so left turn I was ready to pull in but stuck it out till the checkered!! Hard track for endurance for sure!!
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    I was a starter, but not a finisher.

    I was using the race for some seat time, as I rarely get any practice during the weekend. It was the first time I sat on the bike all weekend.

    For the water, I just ran through it.

    I pulled off about 1/2 way through the race so that I could go and teach superstreet.

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    Rybo, thanks for reminding me to zip up on the grid, that would have been a handful in turn one! ops:

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