I normally do not cross post like this, but since I foot the majority of the bills around this place on my own I am going to break my own rules...

People new to the MRA, please take note: We have some amazing compassionate generous people in this club. I am not going to rattle off names, because chances are you will meet them soon enough as you continue in your racing career. There are even better chances that you already met them.

You will know it when you meet them.

They are the first to offer a 32mm wrench, feed you when your hungry, re-map your Power Commander at the track, load you a gallon of gas to get back on the grid, or respond to the scene in the case of most any on track incident.

Josh Graham is one of those people.

Josh is somewhat a living legend in the MRA, right up there with Donnie Hough and Mark Schellinger. He has been racing longer than some of you have been alive (and still wins), and at least for myself coming into the MRA 10 years ago he was right where he is now: at the top of the roster with some of the best lap times.

Josh is just like you and me. He lives racing. Breaths racing. Racing is a part of who he is and what he does. What you might not know about Josh however is that racing to Josh is not just about going fast on the track - it is about the 99% of the other things that we do in preparation to getting on the track. What makes him worthy of his legendary status is that you, I, or anyone can walk up to him and ask him a question -- and he will drop what he is doing and answer it honestly and to the best of his ability. If you need that 32mm wrench, he would lend it to you. If you need that gallon of gas to finish your endurance race, he would loan it to you.

In your "career", if you are lucky enough to race against someone as talented as Josh or become as good of friends as Aaron Clark did with Josh, cherish that friendship. They might just do for you what Josh is doing for Clarkie.

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