Board Attendees:

  • President - Chris Nami
  • Vice President - Bob Hasenhundl
  • Secretary - Terri Thompson (ABSENT)
  • Treasurer - Tiffany Maestas
  • VP Rules & Tech - Jared Dear
  • New Rider Director - Jeff Brown (ABSENT)
  • Race Director - John McKown
  • Rider Rep - Press & Contingency - Nate Bell
  • Rider Rep - Rulebook - Dennis Stowers
  • Rider Rep - Trophies & Class Sponsorship - Blair Harness
  • Rider Rep - PR & Events - Erik Maxwell

Estimated Voting Members in Attendance: MINUTES TAKEN VIA ZOOM
Location: Nite Owl Sports Bar and Grill
Start Time: 7:35 pm
End Time: 8:55 pm

Status Updates:

  • Thank you to the Nite Owl
  • The NATC was a huge success and they really enjoyed the MRA
    • Bill Crumbo (part of the AMA) is part of the penalty process for MotoGP; he pulled Chris aside and told him how much Bill was enjoying the MRA and how much the NATC was enjoying it. The MRA is a well run and professional organization

  • Received some complaints from several riders regarding inconsistencies regarding what tech is allowing and not allowing for race numbers
    • There are some numbers that are very difficult to read (coming from Manual Scoring)

  • Lots of people out and about without fire extinguishers visible in your pit - make sure your fire extinguishers are out and visible
  • Rider’s Meeting went really well and smooth (do not forget that they are MANDATORY)
  • Will be doing an inspection of PPIR a week before we go out so we can inspect the track and make sure that we do not run into any issues
    • As the track degrades, will need further discussion as to whether or not we continue to race there


  • Licenses - they were available during Round 1; a lot of them were distributed at tech. If you still need it or have any issues, reach out to Bob and pick up passes at later Rounds.
  • The NATC was a success, there was a lot of positive feedback. The kids loved the track and we received compliments from Bob Kimbo (?). Carol Aught (?) loved taking photos and posted them on the website
    • The NATC said that they will keep in touch, so optimistic they will be back next year

  • Transponders - this is one of the questions asked during the signup process. Make sure your transponder number is there!
  • Novice Hours - if you are a Novice and are here, let Bob know and he will track your Novice Hours. You get a half hour for general meetings and need 4 hours for the year (only 2 hours can be for General Meetings)

Terri (via Bob and Tiffany):

  • Thank you everyone for your patience regarding grids on Saturday Morning
    • We tried something new on Sunday and again, thank you for your patience
    • Kudos to Terri for getting grids squared away - she was able to get grids out really quick regarding all circumstances

  • Every Novice is in charge of making sure that their Novice Hours are met - you have 10 days after Round 7 to get your Novice Hours squared away
  • Tshirts are available on the 64 Degree Racing Website, go get yourself one!
  • Thank you to everyone regarding allotting points for Round 1 as well - there is a learning curve and we thank you for your patience
  • We may try to eliminate pregrids next Round, but we will see how that goes. We will announce grids as they come out, so make sure that when the announcement is made, YOU CHECK GRIDS
  • Gridding procedures - it is based off of previous year’s points, and then afterwards, it is based off of registration date and time
    • If you sign up at 12:01 Tuesday morning, you will no longer be gridded based off of points

  • How will I know what races I am signed up for if there are no pre-grids?
    • There has been a function put into MSR where it shows attendees what they have signed up for. This is another way you can check to see what your registered for


  • ROR and PA payouts - ROR is paid out based on top 10 overall. You need to be a licensed racer or have a weekend license. If you do not have one of these, you are not eligible for payouts. PA is top five overall get paid out.
    • If we have at least 20 people, the MRA will contribute $500, if there are 25 people or more, the MRA will contribute $1000
    • Electronic payments will be done by either PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. NO CHECKS (except for Applegate). Have had issues of people not cashing and/or losing their checks
    • Am waiting on a few people to get electronic payments sorted out for Round 1

  • Credits for Round 1 have not been issues yet, but they are on my to-do list. Should have those done in about a week
  • Refunds and credits are NOT automatic - you must come into the raceday office to cancel for a refund or a credit
    • The request needs to be in writing!
    • There are only two conditions in which you can be issued a refund or a credit - mechanical or medical issue
    • There are other rules in the rulebook regarding certain percentages being refunded/credited for. Read the rulebook

  • Rider’s meeting! Make sure you sign in or your will be fined $25 and you CANNOT practice
    • Pre-grid will be given a list of numbers of people who did not attend the meeting and you will not be allowed out on the track

  • There was not a huge showing for Premier Amateur - there were only about 6 on the grid Sunday night.
    • If there is not a large showing, there is a chance that the class can get axed at the end of the year, so if you don’t want it gone, participate!


  • Tech went smoothly, most everyone was pretty prepared. All the Novices were coming in with clean, pre-teched bikes!
  • People are reading the rulebook, asking questions, and doing really well.
  • Make sure you pull your belly pans off before you reach tech so we can see all the good stuff
  • Make sure you have MRA stickers on your bikes, we have lots of stickers left, but may only have a certain selection of colors

Jeff (via Bob):

  • Will be opening up sign ups for the mid-season race school here soon
  • Will be having SuperStreet at PPIR at Round 2
  • There was lots of good clean racing during the Novice races, minus one really bad start


  • Had some challenges
    • Had some new corner workers
    • Track was dusty and it was windy - thankfully Glenn helped with cleaning the track
    • NATC impacted the schedule a little bit, but blended in pretty well
    • 4 red flags total, no MRA red flags on Saturday, just 2 NATC red flags
    • 2 MRA red flags on Sunday

  • Being in constant contact with the ambulances helped keep things moving
  • Good compliments on how the day was going from the NATC and the AMA
  • Moved the Race Day office into the classroom to help out the riders
  • Trying to make the Rider’s Meetings less painful. Made a presentation to help aide during the Rider’s meeting
  • Red flag responses were pretty quick, the Mobile team did a good job responding to incidents quickly
  • We decided that we will not be using shortcuts, regardless of whether or not a rider had back to back races
    • Still had a couple people use them - we are not doing this anymore

  • Go to the riders meeting, if you do not go to the riders meeting, start finish has your numbers and you will not be allowed to race until you have talked to the race day office
  • If you do not know your grid position, you will be sent to the back
  • Couple of racers asked about Round 2 at PPIR, what happens when you blow Turn 1 and you take the outside of the track, and then entering at speed
    • Will be talking with the Board about potentially adding a time penalty this year if Turn 1 is blown

  • After this year, make some of the practices “qualifying”, so that way ALL grids are done off of practice times. Will help ensure safety of riders across all fronts.
  • Scott Rybarik helped out this past weekend and ended up sending some people to the back of the grid, if you don’t know your grid position, it is now at the back


  • The Club should continue to explore options with other clubs, the NATC was very fun
  • Was a weird weekend with the new schedule changes from the NATC
  • RRW article was sent out to the publisher and am awaiting feedback
  • PPIR will be fun - will be fun as long as we can be heard
  • Thank you to John for running a very successful race weekend
  • Going to get some of the events created and shared via Social Media
    • Round 2 has not gone live quite yet, there was an issue with Round 1 we will need to make sure is ironed out for Round 2

  • Any articles that you want to share, my email can be found on the website, send it my way!


  • Tech stuff went fairly smoothly, could have went smoother if everyone was 100% ready
  • The pre-tech checklist must be pre-filled out before you can get teched. If you have not registered or are not ready to be teched, you will be sent back to your it to fill out the checklist and sign up for classes
  • Now that you are in the season and are contending for championships, read the Rulebook to make sure you know the ins and outs and can make the most of your season
  • Thank you for having the gate guy hand out tech sheets, we received good feedback on this and will continue to do this. Will be asking PPIR to do the same thing for us.
    • Will be transferring the checklist to a google drive so that way the PDF can be filled out electronically and can be checked off on your phone

  • The Raceday itinerary for Round 2 will be posted here soon - the lap counts will be 11 as opposed to 12 this year, unless of course there are issues with weather or red flags
  • We opened the Raceday office at 6:30am as opposed to 7:00am to make sure that you guys had an extra half hour to get stuff figured out
    • From here on out, the Raceday Office will be opening up at 7:00am. There will only be a half hour for you all to get prepared in the morning before the Rider’s meeting at 7:30am

  • Shoot Jared a text if you are going to be late to schedule something, that way you can make sure that you shit is figured out.
  • For re-techs when you crash, make sure you check your gear in advance and wipe your bike down. Take your bike to either Dennis or Jared to get your bike re-teched
    • YOU need to make sure that you bring the bike over already fixed, or tech will tell you that you can’t take the bike out.


  • A few classes that are not fully sponsored yet, hoping to get them filled in soon
  • Make sure you read the medal before you take it - there were some people who were missing the trophies they won that were taken by mistake


  • Round 1 went well, and good job to the Board for putting up a successful weekend
  • Thank you to the racers and thankfully everyone came out OK
  • Have paper copies of the rulebook if you want a paper copy.
    • If anyone wants to advertise that missed it or wants to thank their sponsors, we are considering doing a second printing

  • Still have season schedules, come get some to hand out to friends and family
  • Have created a google folder where you all can drop your pictures for use during promotional events and the Banquet
    • Check facebook for the link
    • Will be posting a call for photos after each and every Round

  • The IMS show has been canceled across the US for this year
  • Fay Myers booked their block party during one of our rounds. If someone isn’t racing, let me know if you are capable of putting up a booth
  • Rocky Mountain Kawasaki - planning on going out during their reopening/rebranding to get the MRA’s name out there and show support (is happening on the 21st of May from 9am-4pm)
    • Novice Hours!! Can get your Novice Hours this way

Member Questions:

  • Is there a way we can do MSR credit for payouts?
    • Unfortunately, no. It messes up our budget numbers because the credits cannot be tracked

  • Can we get paid into our MSR account?
    • That would still be a credit, so no for that one as well.

  • How much does 1st place get in ROR?
    • About 25% of the pot goes to first place I (Tiff) want to say, there is a formula that divvies up the money. Tiffany created a spreadsheet that automatically does all of those calculations

  • NATC how did their racing with us contribute to money made?
    • They paid the equivalent of 2 races, which is $225 per racer., which equates to about $4600 in revenue from the NATC (SuperStreet when sold out is $2600)

  • Some of the calls were a little early - third call was made about 2 minutes before the checkered was thrown
    • Announcing is still learning, apologies there

  • Practice times - if you did not meet the previous Round (Round 1) will you automatically be sent to the back?
    • We have not implemented practice times yet, that would require a vote from the Board and then would have to be successful and pass during the rule change meeting
    • Read Rulebook Section 11 regarding gridding procedures

  • Are there any sort of QR codes the club is using?
    • Yes! We are implementing QR codes this year. Dennis electronically filled out his tech checklist and brought that with him

  • Is there a backup tech person if Jared and Dennis are both out on the track?
    • Jeff Brown is a backup tech person and is authorized to do techs

  • Numbers on pits (in the Rulebook)?
    • Somewhere your pit needs to have the same number on your bike, however, this has not been enforced for a few years. Normally, there are people who can identify your pit for you. If you are a lone wolf, you need to make sure that your pit is easily identifiable