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Thread: 2023 MRA Board of Directors Nominations

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    2023 MRA Board of Directors Nominations

    2023 MRA Board of Directors Nominations are open. Nominations will close at the end of the MRA General Meeting on October 12th. The Annual meeting and Election is on November 9th. Please see link below to the MRA website for the latest information about the election and current nominations.

    Nominations can be made via replying to this post, or through any Board Member. They do NOT need to be seconded. Please do us the courtesy of accepting or declining so we can let the members know as we go. Anyone can be nominated by any MRA Member, but the nominee MUST become an MRA member before accepting the nomination. New memberships will NOT be accepted after 12pm on Sunday September 25th (Round 7).

    Here are the bios that were submitted:

    Vice President - Bob Hasenhundl
    I’m proud to have served as the MRA’s Vice President this past year, and also to have been nominated again for the next term.

    I think we’ve made some positive changes in the club this year, and, having become fully aware of the dedication and commitment required to serve on the board, I look forward to serving the club as your Vice President for another 2 years!

    Thank you,
    Bob Hasenhundl
    MRA #46 (“Spiderman”)

    Treasurer - Noel Ross
    Hi everyone! My name is Noel (pronounced No-Elle like Christmas) and I'm very excited for this nomination.

    There are so many reasons why I am the best candidate for the treasurer position and it all starts with my chosen profession. I currently work as a Homeowner Claims Adjuster which means that I am extremely comfortable handling complex financial transactions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I also have years of experience working in subrogation (i.e. fancy insurance collections) so I'm excellent at tracking down and collecting money when it's needed. One might also say that I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to the intricacies of insurance policies. This nerdy interest would assist the club in two ways - I'm the perfect person to ensure that the club has the best insurance to suit its needs and I would excel at understanding the rule book and the exact responsibilities of this role.

    But I'm way more than just spreadsheets and numbers. I'm a sports aficionado which starts with a true passion for this particular sport. Although my involvement in this sport started from marriage (go #713! And then watching MotoGP/MotoAmerica) my enthusiasm has grown personally and I continue to seek opportunities to further my involvement. You will also find me cheering my heart out for my OU Sooners as well as the St. Louis Cardinals & Blues(I know, I’m in enemy territory), and the Denver Broncos. Since I do love competition, I also play on both a bowling and softball team.

    I adore cooking (if you stop by the Flying Horse tent, I'm sure to have something on the griddle on race day), hot yoga, and spending time with my husband, pups, friends, and family. I thank you again for your nomination and I look forward to putting my expertise toward this position.

    VP Rules & Tech - Santiago Shirtz
    Hello, my name is Santiago and I am running for VP of Rules and Tech.

    I’ve been with the MRA for over 20 years - as a kid when my dad raced, as a corner-worker, and finally as a racer. Some of the original familiar faces are still with our club, and it makes me happy to see that they’re still enjoying the club like they did all those years ago.

    Many of you already know me personally, or know who I am, and I look forward to getting to know the rest of you next season. I have a lot of experience in automotive, motorcycle, and aircraft mechanics. I love this club, and feel that I have a lot that I can give back to it.

    As the VP of Rules and Tech, my primary objective is the safety of the racers, by ensuring your motorcycles are safe, meeting the requirements set forth by the MRA Rulebook.

    Thank you, very much, for your time.
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