Board Attendees:

  • President - Chris Nami
  • Vice President - Bob Hasenhundl
  • Secretary - Terri Thompson (ABSENT)
  • Treasurer - Tiffany Maestas
  • VP Rules & Tech - Jared Dear
  • New Rider Director - Jeff Brown
  • Race Director - John McKown
  • Rider Rep - Press & Contingency - Nate Bell
  • Rider Rep - Rulebook - Dennis Stowers
  • Rider Rep - Trophies & Class Sponsorship - Blair Harness
  • Rider Rep - PR & Events - Erik Maxwell

Estimated Voting Members in Attendance: UNKNOWN
Location: Zoom
Start Time: 7:30 pm
End Time: 9:21 pm

Important Announcements:

  • Thanks as always to the Nite Owl for hosting meetings; our thoughts go to Melissa and her family right now
  • NATC coming to the MRA this next season; great opportunity for the MRA to get global exposure (only regional club to be included in this!)

Status Updates:

  • Erik and I putting together a PR committee - a few Board Members, need 2-3 volunteers to help bring the PR Committee together (being committed for the season)
    • Talk to sponsors, drop off material, etc.
    • PR Committee meeting very soon

  • Ways to incentivise racers to continue to come out and race
    • Instead of “Race your Butt Off” weekend have a “Race your Butt off” season
    • Any ideas welcome, some may need more administrative work than other


  • Spectator fee: to encourage spectators, we are waiving the spectator fee for 2022!
  • Crew passes are still needed to reach hot pit wall at HPR
  • NATC: they have requested to be integrated into our Round 1, there are some technicalities that needed to be ironed out, and we have all agreed to cancel SuperStreet for Round 1
    • Already have us on their schedule for their Round 2 on their website
    • The NATC has all their own class and whatnot, but they are welcome to join any of our other races and events
    • Our own MRA Jayden Fernandez competing in this series. SO COOL!
    • Race (on Sunday?) happens right before lunch so there can be maximum number of attendees and if they want an awards ceremony afterward, that can be attended
    • A lot of work went into this making sure that everything would work (insurance, schedule, etc)

  • Membership and licensing opens up next week; early bird pricing for a month
    • Second year using it, still working out some kinks
    • Some people want to change their numbers; there is a racer log on the website and on the bottom of the page there is a link to see open numbers
      • Racers who raced more than 3 weekends (rounds) have reserved numbers

  • You can request to the Board to hold your number for the next season if you plan on racing the next year

  • The only people who can reserve numbers are ones who have had that number in the past


  • ABSENT; no updates


  • If you got any payments from the MRA, you will most likely be receiving an email for a 1099 for this tax season
    • You will still be getting a paper copy

  • HPR deposit made
  • Couple of insurance policies coming due in March and April (big payments)
  • Uncashed checks from 2021 have been taken care of (a couple of older uncashed checks that still need to be worked out)
  • Voted to move $2,000 into the reserve fund last year which moved total to about $50,000 reserve
  • Safety fund donations were less in 2021, so we added a Safety fund donation on MSR
    • It is done in increments of $10, if you buy 3 “shares”, it is $30


  • Get your license, get trained, get your bike prepped, get your stuff together
  • The season will be here before you know it, so prep all your stuff now
  • The Board is really working hard to expand and push and make better decisions for the Club, so invest in the Club
    • Working hard to further all our passions

  • Come to the meetings, offer opinions. We are all approachable, talk to us; we hear what you are saying. We are here for you and the Club long term
    • Trying to be as transparent as we can while meeting our expectations

  • “You guys are the riders, I am the representative. Talk to me”


  • New racer school coming up April 9th
  • Instructor meeting with all instructors about mid-March, will reach out to instructors
  • Registration opens up the same time as membership (15th)
  • Anyone who commits to buying a race license are prioritized over those who do not
  • 2 race schools this year, you can always sign up for the second race school half way through the season (July) for any reason


  • Updated “Contact Us” page with our new emails, make sure to check this for new emails
  • Haven’t started to reach out to Corner Workers quite yet
  • If you have any questions about anything listed, please reach out to me
  • Went out to HPR to check equipment, thanks to Dakota (& Terri, but definitely mostly Dakota) for coming out and going through the truck with me
  • Will need to buy some new fire extinguishers
  • Rulebook will hopefully be printed here soon, will be getting quotes soon
  • Have reached out to some sponsors to see what could be done differently for sponsors this year
  • Motorcycle Expo coming up
  • Decided not to do digital license this year
  • Marshal Poet dropped off the radios that Katie Rayburn donated to the Club
    • Programming party at HPR to reprogram all the radios since the frequency is changing this year

  • Box truck will need to be inspected, so this will be done at some point soon
  • Old 4-wheeler has busted transmission, want to see if this is worth fixing and repair it and keep it or sell it for the club
  • Procedural manual for Corner Workers to further standardize and make calls more efficient
  • Have a meet up for Corner Workers (March?) to start doing some training and to get to know all them; get lunch, do something less formal
  • Registration on Motorsportreg for Corner Workers. If you want to volunteer, sign up on MSR
  • Helicopter insurance? The insurance covers the company that is also the first company Western Ambulance calls for air lift ($9 a month or $69 a year)


  • Big news things going on!
  • Been messing with social medias, Mailchimp, etc to get used to all that
  • Announcers, what the rounds may look like
  • Excited to see what will come around with Round 1, may be the guy in the corner with a pen and paper taking notes with the bigwigs


  • Getting the ball rolling for everything
  • Starting down the path on getting trophies figured out
  • If you know someone who is interested in sponsoring let me know; send them my way
    • Should have a list of open classes here soon
    • Doesn’t need to be a shop, can be anyone
    • Is a tax ride off

  • Send me contact info of people and I will get into contact with them


  • Rider rep means that we represent the membership, we are the people who bring your thoughts to the Board and do something about it
  • People tend to internalize their concerns or go straight to Chris, Chris has a lot going on, so the good channel of communication is to talk to your Rider Reps!
  • Please hit me up if you have ANY questions, even tech stuff since I work hand in hand with Jared.
    • I can point you in the right direction

  • We will be using QR codes for a lot of things, and we will have some on the rulebook that will lead to miscellaneous links such as paddock rules, safety checklist
  • Will be making sure people take the extra steps to go through their bikes with the safety checklist (will be necessary component of tech)
  • Almost done with rulebook stuff, will be doing stuff with sponsor recognition in the rulebook
    • Have a physical rulebook we can give out to people
    • Can download the pdf version off the website if you want
    • John helped out with the graphics and made everything look super cool and cut and clean

  • Minimal rule changes, some clarifications and minor changes (more on the side of the administrative side)
  • 30 mins toward your 4 Novice hours for general meetings, but can only attend a total of 4
    • Price of buying Novice Hours went up this year
    • There are other ways to complete Novice Hours, just contact the Board
      • If you want to get paid after hours are complete, Corner Work!

  • Experts do not have Novice Hours, but they still (or should be) help out the Novices and help out the Club in other ways
  • By last race weekend, your Hours should be complete
  • Crew passes are transferable because they are assigned to a racer and not just a person
    • Make sure you know the rules before anyone approaches hot pit wall, because that will come back on the racer the pass is assigned to

  • 16 years old to be able to use pit vehicles, UNLESS you are a licensed racer. Otherwise, no one under 16 can operate any sort of pit vehicle while the track is hot (including lunch, practice, etc)
  • Board member stuff: Board members get compensated for their membership price, can donate their racing to a family member
  • Race season starts tonight so let's hype it up and get excited!


  • Motorcycle Expo: We have a 10x10 booth, will set up on Friday. Asked for a corner spot
    • It would be awesome to have some help, how awesome would it be for us to have a great presence there. Can show everyone how awesome the Club is
    • Would be great to have multiple people there
    • They will have a map of all the vendors

  • Come out and watch the rounds, watch SuperStreet
  • Involvement is important, if we can support their event they will support ours
  • Supermoto Event at the end of April at Mile High Stadium, looking at possibly having a spot there.
    • Kind of expensive, so may just ask people to walk around and hand out flyers

  • Look for the Official MRA Facebook page, not the friends and family one

Member Questions:

  • (Unheard question): we are planning on blasting the NATC here soon as soon as details are finalized
  • How many competitors?
    • 18 riders, 17 currently on roster

  • (Unheard question): they are paying entry fees as if they are racing 2 races with the MRA. There is one race on Saturday and one on Sunday
  • What is our Round 1 going to look like with their qualifying and races?
    • We voted unanimously for the schedule, so schedule has already been decided. There are some other details that still need to be ironed out
    • Afternoon classes will start later, but should end about the same time
    • Practice sessions will be a little further apart than usual due to added session

  • Daylight? Round 1 and 7 are shorter than other rounds, so what if there are red flags or whatnot?
  • (Unheard question): same prices for crew passes as last year
    • Put hot pit rules on the back of crew passes?
    • Repercussions for not following hot pit rules? Nothing really happens right now
    • Can MSR send out email reminders such as “hey as a reminder here are the rules”

  • What is Safety fund for?
    • Basically anything relating to the Corner crew; crash cart, dirt bike maintenance, etc

  • When is meeting for instructors?
    • About mid-March, will send email

  • (Unheard question): you may be qualified for a race license, but if you have never done it before, it may not be a bad idea
    • We are trying to reserve the race school for those who are actually trying to license up and come race with the MRA

  • (Unheard question): this is our internal version of YCRS, etc. Trying to get people off the street, but is also learning how to ride safer in a no pressure environment
  • (Unheard question): Novice hours repeat each year, each year you are a yellow plate, you will need to complete 4 hours of Novice Hours
  • When is the Expo?
    It is the weekend of the 19th