Electronic ballots will be sent out via email before Christmas.
Rider Rep positions carry a 1 year term.
Voting will close at the 1st General Meeting of 2022, scheduled for 7:30 PM, Wednesday, January 12th, at the Nite Owl Sports Bar & Grill, 1050 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80226.

Below are the Candidate Bios for Rider Rep - Trophies and Class Sponsorship

Josh Baker:
Hey MRA family it's time to vote. And I ask you to vote Josh Baker for Trophies and class sponsors. I have loved serving on the board of directors this year, and I understand the commitment it takes to be a Board Member. I will continue put my heart and soul into the MRA family that I love. I understand the needs of this board position and I'm ready to meet the challenges this year will have. I am passionate about this club and growing the sport of motorcycle racing in Colorado, and will try my hardest to make sure the MRA succeeds into the future.

Santiago Shirtz:
Many of you already know me personally, or at least know who I am - I try to talk to as many of my fellow racers as I can during race weekends… Some of you, I have the privilege to call friends, and talk to or visit with you in-between races, and during the off-season.

I know I’m not the fastest guy out there (quite the opposite), but that doesn’t stop me from going out and having fun, and trying to improve, every single race weekend. I missed the 4-hour in 2021 due to a work conflict, and that really bummed me out, because that’s one of the most fun race weekends of the year.

If you’ve ever spoken to me for any length, you’ve probably heard in my voice the passion I have for this club, and for roadracing.

The MRA is more than a family to me - race weekends, or pretty much any event with the MRA are my “Happy Place”... I didn’t quite grow up at the track, but not too far from it - I started coming to the track at the age of 10, to help my dad when he raced. In 2003, I started corner-working, and in 2006, I started racing. The MRA has been a cherished part of my life for more than half of my life.

Whether I’m helping out at Tech, or helping cook at one of the race season BBQs, I am always looking for ways to give back to the club, and I would love the opportunity to serve the club as Rider Rep of Trophies and Class Sponsorship.

I’ve seen the club go through a lot of changes over the years, some better, and some worse. And I think the club might benefit from some more new faces on the Board - I’d like to be one of those new faces. I feel like my personal relationship with so many of you gives me good insight into the heartbeat of the club, and I think that makes me a great candidate for this position.

As your rider rep, I will make time to listen to your concerns and suggestions, and take them to the board for discussion if needed. My primary goals and concerns are to improve the club as a whole, so we can all have safe and fun race weekends.

Please consider voting for me, Santiago (self-proclaimed “The People’s Racer”), for Rider Rep, Trophies & Class Sponsorship for 2022!


Santiago Shirtz #411

Blair Harness:
Thank you for the nomination and consideration for the position of Rider Rep - Trophies and Class Sponsorship. I have been around the club for a number of years (some years more involved than others), and have enjoyed my time as a member. It would be an honor to represent and give back to the club in an official manner.

There is a lot wrapped up in a simple name for this position, rider rep, trophies, and class sponsorship.
- As a rider rep I will strive to maintain open communication and representation between the board and all club members. The membership is what makes the MRA what it is and I will do my best to serve the membership and make sure their ideas and concerns are heard.
- As the trophies contact, I will work within the allotted budget to make sure the MRA has interesting, fun, and unique trophies and they are present at each round and the awards ceremony.
- The class sponsorship side is certainly an important role for the MRA. I have seen both sides of this position since my brother has sponsored a class with his company for several years now. The position requires contacting existing and potential sponsors, getting contracts signed, getting invoices out, and making sure the whole process benefits the MRA and the sponsor. If elected I will accomplish all of this in a timely and professional manner. I will also work with the board, club, and sponsors to hopefully increase the value that sponsors receive from their sponsorship.

Thank you for your support, I look forward to the continued success of the MRA.
Blair Harness #760