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Thread: MRA By-Laws update

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    MRA By-Laws update

    These are the proposed By-Laws changes which will be voted on before the annual meeting in November 2021.

    The purpose of these changes is to (as much as possible) move racing club specific job descriptions (such as issuing race numbers) out of the By-Laws so these tasks can be assigned to the person best suited for them without needing to go through the process of changing the By-Laws.

    Also the PO box address has been changed to a reference to the MRA Secretary. The reasons for this is that we need to change the PO box address now and then depending on who can get the mail and we'd like to keep that address from being harvested on the internet for junk mail.

    Open the .pdf and scroll down to see the proposed changes in red text.

    MRA By-Laws Proposed 10.14.2021.pdf
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