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    MRA Gear Lending List

    This is something we have been talking about for a while. I have made some announcements in general meetings and we have had some people donate some gear to the club. For those who don't know what this is: the MRA has been taking rider gear donations in order to help attract new riders to the club. It has been my experience that while out talking to street riders that the biggest deterrent to coming out for SuperStreet is the lack of the required gear and the expense of getting that gear just to see if this is something they would like to pursue. I think that the MRA having some gear on hand to lend out to new riders might give some people the extra nudge they need to come race with us. However, this is not meant to be a permanent solution to a rider's racing career. We have already lent out some of the gear for Superstreet riders who intend on getting a license so it is already working.

    I will list all the gear that I currently have on hand and will do my best to keep it up to date as more things are donated. As of the day this was written I have been hauling all the stuff back and forth to the track. If we end up having a lot of things, I'll have to figure out another system. I will try to keep this list pretty comprehensive as things come in, but please be patient with me. We will be taking donations for and lending out suits, boots, gloves, and back protectors. We will NOT be doing anything with helmets.


    - Size 34 EU jacket/36 EU pants. Teknic ladies 2 piece suit (black and white) 360 zip around street suit

    - Size 38 US/48 EU Alpinestars 1 piece (black)

    -Size 48 Euro RST 1 piece (white)

    - Size 42 (pretty sure US) Cortech 1 piece (white and red)

    - Size 44 US/54 EU Teknic 1 piece race suit (silver and black) Has a Thor size L/XL CE armored shirt that must be used underneath (back protector, chest protectors, shoulders, elbows)

    - Size 48 (not sure if US or EU) Spidi 2 piece suit (green) pants and jacket size 48. 360 zip around race suit.

    - Size Medium Comet 1 piece suit (red and white)

    - Size 52 (pretty sure EU) Comet 1 piece (black, white, and red)

    - Size XL Trackskins 1 piece (red, black, and white)

    - Size 44 US/54 EU jacket size 34 pants AGV Sport, two piece suit, 360 zip around (black/red)

    - Size 50 (not sure if US or EU) Texsport 1 piece (orange and black)

    - Size 54 (pretty sure EU) Speed and Strength 1 piece(black)

    - Size 46 US/56 EU Alpinestars 1 piece (black)

    - Size 56 (not sure if US or EU, larger suit) Joe Rocket 1 piece

    - Size 48 US/58 EU jacket, 42 US/58 EU pants Alpinestars 2-piece race suit (navy blue and black) 360 zip around race suit

    - Size 48 US/58 EU Teknic 2 piece (black, red, and white) 360 zip around

    - Size 50 US/60 EU Teknic 1 piece (blue, black, and white )
    - Vanson one piece suit. No size on it, I estimate 6' tall + and 200 + plus.


    - Size 5.5 US Sidi (black)

    - Size 7.5 US Sidi (blue and red)

    - Size 7.5 US Puma (black)

    - Size 8.5 US Sidi (black and white)

    - Size 8.5 US Sidi (black)

    - Size 8.5 Alpinestars (black and white)

    - Size 42 EU Alpinestar (black)

    - Size 44 EU Sidi (blue and black)

    - Size 46 EU Alpinestars (black)

    - Size 47 EU Sidi (black)

    - Size 10 US Dainese (black)

    - Size 10 US Puma (black)

    - Size 10ish, no label. Alpinestars (black)

    - Size 10.5 US Axo (black)

    - Size 11 US Sidi (black)

    - Size 11.5 US Alpinestars (black)

    - Size 11.5 US Sidi (black and red)

    - Size 11.5 US/46 EU Oxtar (black)

    - Size 11.5 US Sidi (black and white)


    - Size extra small Alpinstars (grey, white)

    - Size small Bilt (grey, white)

    - Size medium ladies Teknic (pink, white)

    - Size medium+/8.5 Held Phantom 2 (red, white, and black)

    - Size medium+/8.5 Held Phantom 2 (red, white, and black) 2nd pair

    - Size medium/ 8.5 euro Spidi (black)

    - Size large Teknic (blue, white and black)

    - Size large Teknic (black)

    - Size large/10 AGV Sport (black)

    - Size large Alpinestars (white)

    - Size extra large Rocket (black and red)

    - Size extra large Aeromoto (black)

    - Size XL/11 Alpinestars (black)

    - Size xx large Alpinestars gloves (red and white)

    Back Protectors:

    - Size Extra small Alpinestars (white and black)

    - Size Extra small unknown (black)

    - Size medium Forcefield

    - Size ? (no tag, looks medium) Dianese

    - Size ? (no tag, looks medium) Teknic

    - Size ? (no tag, looks large) Erbo

    - Size large Dainese

    - No size, Knox

    Thank you to all of the people who have donated gear so far:
    Scott Dawson
    Trina Dawson
    Brandon Fosbinder
    Brian Jackson
    Mike Lukachy
    Samantha Coleman
    Jose Rivera
    John Schwaderer
    Joe Maher
    Geoff Snyder
    Jim Wilson
    Jared Dear
    Joe Lagalbo
    Chris Anderson
    Damir Gonzales
    John McKown
    Tiffany Maestas
    Tony Baker
    Mike Applehans
    Aaron Tritt
    David Marsh
    Scott Holman
    Sam Murray
    Ian Thomas

    If you or someone you know would like to borrow something please e-mail me at so I can keep track of it. Please please please get a hold of me before a race weekend. Life at the track can be hectic so we should get this sorted before we get out there. No guarantees that we have something that will fit but we will sure try to find something that will. Gear is lent out on a first come first served basis. If you show up to the track without having tried any of this on, I cannot guarantee you any gear!

    If you borrow any gear and it becomes damaged while it is in your possession, please do the right thing and take care of the repair. Blood Nickel is local and does great work on leather repair and is usually pretty inexpensive. We want to be able to continue loaning out this gear.
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    List updated as of 7/14/19

    We currently have:
    18 suits
    19 pairs of boots
    14 pairs of gloves
    6 back protectors
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