(posting for Nami)

Hello MRA,
Recently at Round 2 (PPIR) there was a protest in the modern vintage GTU class. After considerable discussion and debate over the original protest, which I was not part of originally but have been well informed and caught up by the board on all that led up to this point I understand why the original decision was made and why it was overturned. I stand by both in context at the time.
There were many factors in the decision to over turn the original decision but the board members and myself feel this is the correct decision to make. It holds and is in line with the proper procedures and integrity of the club.
Therefore, we are upholding the decision to allow the 2006 R6 to remain legal in Modern Vintage GTU for the 2021 race season and any further discussion or appeals to this decision will be denied. If you have a rule change you would like to submit during the submissions period and then attend the rules change meeting at the end of the 2021 season to address this further, that is when all arguments will be heard and considered.
Thank you,
Chris Nami #13
MRA President