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Thread: New to Colorado

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    New to Colorado

    Hey Everyone!

    I just moved here from sunny Seattle and racing with WMRRA, and I'm pumped to race with MRA! I'm posting this here because it's more of a general Colorado information thread, rather than specifics of being a new racer. So a couple quick things:

    Basically, I can't figure out how to get on track here! I can't find any track day orgs and it looks like my only option (outside actual race weekends) is the Open Lapping days. Those seem pretty limited though and I can't find any at Pikes or Pueblo. Could someone point me in the right direction for who to ride with for regular old track days?

    Also, I'm on the West Side (Lakewood), so any recommendations on good shops that are going to be hooked in to MRA over here?

    Lastly, I'm going to be dusting off the old MX junk once my stuff gets here and grabbing a YZF to get back into dirt since I'm like right next to Thunder Valley, if anyone wants to ride, HMU!

    Thanks Racers, pumped to jump on track with you all!


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    Hi Morgan! Welcome to club, we're excited to have you racing with us.

    Track days: there is a track day organization in CO called Legion Moto. I don't have their contact information, but the best place to find them is on FaceBook or a general Google search for their website. They run track days for Pueblo and PPIR only. Track days for High Plains Raceway are run by HPR and fit the open lapping day format. Usually they run twice each month on Mondays, but that is not always the case as it will depends on if they get reservations for a private or semi-exclusive events. Check out their calendar here: HPR will also always have a track on the Friday before an MRA event.

    We have several shops that currently sponsor the MRA. I would recommend you visit the following:
    Fay Myers Motorcycle World - Greenwood Village
    Moto Station - Commerce City
    Vickery Motorsports - Aurora
    Moto-Garage - Loveland
    Woody's Wheel Works - Denver
    Green Tech Auto Body - Denver
    Interstate Honda - Ft. Collins
    Performance Cycle - Centennial

    I would also recommend following us on FaceBook here if you aren't already:
    MRA Business Page -
    MRA Official Group -

    Our business page will have official announcements and race events, the Official Group is more for general motorcycle related chat and can find bikes for sale here among others.

    Lastly, I would visit our website here:

    Let me know if you need help getting sign up for events on MSR. Our next race event is on 06/26-27.
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    Welcome to Colorado Morgan,

    High Plains does their own open lapping days as you mentioned. Some of the Friday lapping days that are right before the race weekend are a great day to come ride, and connect with other MRA and trackday people.
    I live in Silverthorne and do some dirt riding around the mountain riding spots Breckenridge, Kremmling, Rand, etc as well as some MX at Thunder, Aztec, IMI. Hit me up anytime 303-428-3614 Dennis Stowers.
    Tiff covered other resources pretty well. Come join us for some racing this season!! Take care, and get in touch if you have any questions.
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    Thanks for the info Tiffany and Dennis! I'll be sure to check out the shops and Dennis I'll hit you up when I head out to Thunder and IMI here pretty soon.

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    Welcome, Morgan! I'm in Lakewood too and I was in your exact position a little over a year ago, only coming from Atlanta and WERA... I'm by no means a Colorado expert, but I've made some friends since I got here and gotten to know the area a little bit. My take on MRA so far is that everyone I've met so far has been awesome. I used to share a track in WERA with people like Chris Parrish, Kayla Yakkov, and Jason DiSalvo so I wasn't really sure what to expect with respect to other riders, but I have to say, the caliber of the riders here has been outstanding; I hope you'll like it too. Also, if you're in Lakewood, you should definitely blast down Morrison road sometime, it'll make you glad you're here. PM me if you want to hang out some time..

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    Also, sorry, I got so excited to have another "new guy" racer in Lakewood, I forgot to add some useful info in response to some of your questions:

    Trackday stuff has already been covered, although, you'll also need to register on MotorSports Reg to get set up as a racer, register for races, and some of the HPR trackdays are handled through that site as well. Definitely keep an eye on Legion Moto as Veronica mentioned to get track time at PPIR and Pueblo. If you miss a trackday, there's almost always a trackday at each race weekend the Friday preceding a race. At HPR, it's easy, just go through Motorsports Reg. For PPIR, I had to do some digging and found the Friday practice registration being hosted through the mytickets website (example link for round 2 Friday pracitce @ PPIR: )

    For shops, my go-to is Imperial Sportbikes. It's a quick blast down 6; maybe 15-20 minutes from Lakewood. They're heavy into racing there and can definitely help you with tire swaps, race prep, suspension setup, engine tuning, they also know MRA at that shop very well. In fact, the owner walked me through race lines @ PPIR the week before round 2 and helped me learn some race prep tips about my bike that I didn't even know.

    For the MX stuff, I would love to do that, but I had to choose asphalt or dirt with $$ limits, so I can't do that right now, but my neighbor is really into it, and I work with an awesome guy who does a lot of trail riding, so, networking opportunity for ya.

    Cheers, man.

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    Awesome thanks for the info on the shops and the area! PM will be incoming for sure!

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