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Thread: Round 2 Thanks!!

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    Round 2 Thanks!!

    I think I might be one of the most frequent forum posters on here (sorry, I'm just not a Facebook guy...) Anyway, a few big thanks this weekend:

    1) Tiffany for helping sort out the NGTU results
    2) Dallas for lending me a brake lever guard to get me back on track
    3) Dennis for being flexible and working with me on the tire change
    4) Jared for getting me re-teched in a timely manner
    5) Rick for helping me fix the transponder issue
    6) Kellen for being a good sport about some hard racing in NGTU
    7) My front tire for not giving up the ghost in my ass out of the saddle moment in AmGTO

    Never had to get this much help over a weekend at the races before; thanks to everyone for their help I really appreciate it! This is the type of weekend that gets me eager to come back. It's nice to race with good people. My fun money account it tapped for a little while, but I'll be back again as soon as the money is there.

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    "Edit Post" isn't working, so separate post to thank one more person. Huge thanks to Evan for pushing me all weekend long, sharing a few of his secrets to help drop my lap times quite a bit, and lending a hand to get the brake lever guard installed. Thanks, bud!

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    Good to hear you had a great time! That's the whole point, right?

    Let's do it again in a couple weeks!

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    I'm glad all of these elements came together to help you have a great weekend. Glad we could assist. See you in a few weeks.
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