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Thread: Ducati 848 Rear Suspension Question

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    Ducati 848 Rear Suspension Question

    Hi Folks,

    I acquired an 848 EVO for racing purposes last year. I wasn't able to do much racing but I did get the bike to IMI a few times and discovered some rear end slop the last time I went out. You can feel the rear of the bike taking a set as you transition to full lean. I verified that something was actually happening back there by observing that the rear wheel assembly moves back and forth a few tenths when the bike is strapped down by the front tire in the trailer. After verifying everything was torqued down, I narrowed it down to either the wheel bearing hub assembly or the swingarm bearings. Has anyone whose had the pleasure of riding one of Ducati's famed single-sided swingarm machines ever experienced a similar sensation? If so, how did you get rid of it?

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    This is probably information already known to Ducati owners who race their bikes but I'll put the conclusion to this fun little adventure up here anyway: as it turns out the sprocket side axle nut has a tendency to work it's way loose in spite of the lock ring. That appears to have been the issue. Thankfully nothing catastrophic happened. The importance of having a healthy lock ring in place just became glaringly obvious. I might even start safety wiring the loop ends of the ring together.

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    I'll have to say I've never had the sprocket nut work its way loose on either of my Ducs but maybe I've just been fortunate.

    The lock wire/ring on mine go through a slot on the castle nut, then into a hole in the spindle. The major problem I've seen is stands that use that hole pushing the wire/pin out of the hole. But so far, they seem to go back in ok.

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    Thanks for the input, Jim. I'm about 90% sure it loosened up because I used the wrong torque spec to tighten it down in the first place. I got a properly large 3/4" drive torque wrench now to ensure I'm operating in the middle of the torque range of my torque wrench. I've got the same factory lock ring you're describing. What I'm thinking about doing is safety wiring the eyelettes of the lock rings together to make it impossible for them to spread apart.

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