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Thread: 2021 Summary of Rule Changes

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    2021 Summary of Rule Changes

    Race number retention rule suspended for 2021 (Rule 5.3.C.)
    • Your 2019 race number will be available for you to use in 2021 without written request even if you didn't race in 2020.

    350 / 500 Cup class changes
    • Race fuel will be allowed. Fuel is still subject to Rule 5.5
    • Sunday cup classes will run under Superbike rules (Rule 2.3.1)
    • Cup class qualifying eliminated, grids will be based on season-to-date points (Rules 7.2.D. and 7.2.1)

    Heavyweight SS, SB, Endurance classes eliminated (Rules 2.2.3.B.,, and 2.7.A.)
    • Premier Amateur Heavyweight remains (Rule 2.6.3)

    Ladies of the Rockies is eliminated (Rule
    Supersport classes will allow cooling system modifications
    • Unlimited oil cooler, hoses, thermostat & bypass changes (Rules 2.2.2.B. 2.2.2.C, and 2.2.2.F.s.)

    Formula 40 Extreme GTO & GTU eliminated
    • Amateur Formula 40 GTO/GTU retained (Rules

    Saturday schedule will include a published 10 min break between endurance races.
    Sprint races will be limited to 30 minutes (excluding Endurance & RoR)
    Racer conduct infractions will include optional meeting with Rider Reps & BoD (Section 9)
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