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Thread: February 2021 General Meeting Minutes

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    February 2021 General Meeting Minutes

    Board Attendees:

    • President - Jim W
    • Vice President - Phil
    • Secretary - Brittany
    • Treasurer - Tiffany
    • VP Rules & Tech - Jared
    • New Rider Director - Jeff
    • Race Director - Marshal
    • Rider Rep - Press & Contingency - Jim B
    • Rider Rep - Rulebook - Dennis
    • Rider Rep - Trophies & Class Sponsorship - Dallas
    • Rider Rep - PR & Events - Josh

    Estimated Voting Members in Attendance: 60
    Location: Nite Owl/Zoom
    Start Time: 7:00pm
    End Time: 8:30pm

    Important Announcements:

    Status Updates:
    Jim W:


    • New racer introductions
    • Membership & Race School opening up on Motoreg Feb 15th
    • AMA Sanctioned for 2021 - AMA Membership will be required to purchase a competition membership
    • 64 Degree Racing making MRA T-Shits for 2021
    • 2021 Budget/ Covid Planning
      • Increasing entry fee by $10/$5 (we have raised fee’s every other year) still have the cheapest entry fees in the country
      • 2 for 1 crew passes, with restrictions we are planning on no spectators because we lost revenue with no spectators last year we are talking about ways to help with this. 1 is to only allow crew passes to get into the gate.

    • We have contracts with HPR we have sent them the deposit and also PPIR
    • We are reviewing all insurance policies and getting them set up
    • Boots Passing


    • Novice Hours


    • 2021 MRA Budget
    • Contract Increases
    • Upcoming Costs



    • Email to Instructors coming out this weekend/next week
    • Race School scheduled for 2 separate dates to accommodate for Covid restrictions.



    • Moment of Silence for Boots
    • Wikipedia Page
    • Pueblo Managment
    • La Junta
    • Announcer




    Member Questions:
    Questions for Jim Brewer about La Junta:

    1. Can you please make a (what you need to know) post/email about the event?
    2. Can we make Friday a track day?
    3. Can we add AMGTU and AMGTO to races?
    4. If weather is bad can we reschedule for Sunday?
    5. What races will be included?
    6. Announcer Needed?
    7. Can you make a race day schedule for Saturday?

    Board Attendees:
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