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Thread: January 2019 General Meeting Notes

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    January 2019 General Meeting Notes

    January 2019 General Meeting Notes

    MRA General Meeting Agenda
    General Meeting

    Meeting Called to Order By: Jeremy Alexander @ 7:30pm
    Time & Location: 7:30 PM Nite Owl Sports Bar and Grill
    Next Meeting Date & Time: January 9, 2019 @ 7:30pm

    Previous Minutes:
    Committee Reports:

    Report of Officers:

    President- Jim Wilson

    Vice-President: Jeremy Alexander
    Welcome to the first meeting of the 2019 Season
    Thank you everyone for coming tonight
    First time here at this venue
    Thank you Nite Owl for hosting us
    Most of you know license renewal & Race school are open
    Early Bird pricing goes till March 13th 2019
    Price $225 for early bird
    After March 13th it will be $275
    We are the cheapest in the Country
    $200 for Race School & $225 for license.
    When you go into RaceWurx please update medical email bikes etc.
    Everyone’s medical info from 2018 has been wiped out you will be required to fill it out before it will renew your license
    Race fees are increasing some due to the increase in operating expenses
    1 st class $150
    2nd Race $90
    3rd Race $35
    4th Race $20
    Race your ass off 295
    Endurance $110 2nd Endurance $40
    After an incident on hot pit lane @ Hpr we will be restricted
    If you cross hot pit you will be required to have a Pit Crew Pass, Associate membership or Race license
    Age for Crew & Associate membership passes is 16yrs old
    You must be associated with a racer or associate member to purchase a crew pass
    You will be required to have them visible, we will have lanyards in the raceday office
    We are trying to be proactive we don’t want anyone to get hurt
    We will have signs posted
    Season Schedule done hopefully everyone has seen it
    We want to close with full course & the 4hr endurance is at round 4
    We are going to be sending out a survey within the next week or so please vote if you care what track configuration we do at round 1 & round 5
    Checkbox survey for members to decide HPR Configuration. Will have both West & North course listed for both round majority vote is what configuration we go with.
    So if members decide North course for both or west course for both or 1 north & 1 west will go with those configurations
    HPR needs to know ASAP, it will be decided first week of February
    Look for Checkbox
    MRA T-Shirts
    Tait with 64degrees will be doing all of the MRA t-shirts, He also has under suits for sale. If you order directly through him & you’re a MRA member you will get a discount
    Non Payment of Sponsorship
    After several invoices & attempts to collect payment from Damage Control, we wish him the best we can no longer recommend using damage control.
    Ricky- Every time a sponsor burns the club they burn the members too
    Awards Banquet-
    This year we will be going to Two Penguins Nov 16th0 2019 Arapahoe just down the road from Fay Myers
    Brake Tech, Pirelli & Bridgestone Dunlop adding contingency this year

    VP Rules & Tech: Brett Leveque-
    The MRA has collected a good amount of gear since we started it. we have a great list of stuff, list is posted online if you know someone looking to barrow something have them contact Brett in advance if possible
    We have a couple suits that need to be repaired Blood nickel will be doing the repairs.
    What sizes or stuff do you not need?? No More size 11 boots
    We have something like 18 suits
    As you are working on your bike make sure that you look through it thoroughly check all of your nuts bolts re-safetywire your stuff
    If you don’t know if something is legal for the class send brett a message or a picture he can help you out

    Treasurer: Laci Lukachy
    Budget will be finalized this coming or next weekend
    We took in 317k
    Round entry $208K this number is down from previous years
    Anything after 4 classes is free
    2018 took a loss of 7k, We had money in our account so we are doing ok, We still have the reserve account as well
    We have $4k in our operating account which is why we opened membership we need money to make deposits & Insurance payments
    We are capping the Race School at 50 if you want to do the school register now
    We had a wait list of 30 for last year

    Secretary: Jen Grosse
    For your Novice hours see me after the meeting
    Every novice must complete 4 hours of service you can do this several ways
    Friday night or Saturday & Sunday morning helping Brett with Tech
    Trophy set up with Phil Pleiss Friday nights at the track
    Corner working with Danny Lee
    You earn 30 min per general meeting up to 2hr, you have to earn the other 2hrs elsewhere

    New Rider Director: Jeff Brown
    Race school if you or someone you know wants to do the race school tell them to register now
    We do have other avenues to complete a race school
    You can do a one on one race school with me
    You can do a private school with Ricky Orlando
    You can also do 2 Superstreets
    Race school in April
    Instructors meeting if you want to be an instructor contact Jeff
    Do not show up with you bike looking like crap I will send you home if you do that
    All of our instructors do this on their time their dime so please show respect listen to them, make sure your bike is ready, you have the proper gear or have arranged to barrow something.
    If you have questions please contact Jeff

    Track Marshal: Dani Lee Clements
    If you or anyone you know want to be a cornerworker lease have them contact Danny
    If you are looking for novice hours contact Danny
    At Pikes Peak we deploy all of the air fence so we can use several bodies to help with set up & tear down

    Rider Reps.

    • Rules: Shannon Moham
    • Per the rule change meeting
    • We will have 2 production cups. Production Cup 350 cup & 500 Cup
    • You can not run race gas in the production cup class. If you run race gas in other classes you will need to have 2 gas tanks for your bike so if you get protested & it’s found you have any amount of race fuel in your bike you will be DQ’d
    • Steering Dampners for Optional for production
    • Pit bike races on Sat at the end of the day after superstreet if there’s enough time & light
    • Brett knows exactly what should & shouldn’t be in the fuel
    • CC update to Thunderbike 790 allowed
    • Stgtu 790 not allowed
    • If you have any questions please contact Shannon

    • PR: Cindy Wulf- End of Jan we will not be attending
    • We will be doing a couple bike nights here & Open houses for sponsors

    • Trophies: Phil Pleiss

    Press: Jim Brewer-
    Been some interest posting historical stuff, past class records, results etc
    Kerry Attridge said she would volunteer to do it brewer will reach out to her about it


    New Business:
    Nite Owl owner Marvin also Melissa Brother- Thank you for coming out tonight
    We have been in business for 13 years
    They are remodeling this room so they can have parties, small events please just be patience with us through this process
    American cuisine
    Wing sauce made in house a lot of homemade stuff
    They host some fun events during the week
    Thank you Nite owl for having us

    Ricky Orlando if you want to put an AD in the rulebook or the program contact Ricky
    If you would like to sponsor a class contact Ricky
    We give 10 Free superstreet vouchers & 100 2for1 gate passes
    $800 Sprint
    $1200 ROR
    Endurance & Clubman $500

    Unfinished Business:

    Adjournment: 8:39pm
    “Unless there are any objections, meeting is adjourned.
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