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    2021 Board of Directors Candidate Bios

    Here are the bios received from Candidates for the upcoming election. I will add them as I receive them.

    Voting will be online this year. Election meeting is November 11th at Nite Owl Sports Bar & Grill at 1050 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80226. Meeting starts at 7:30 pm. The new Board of Directors will be announced at the end of the meeting.

    Vice President Candidates

    Phil Pleiss
    Hello MRA!
    My name is Phil Pleiss. Thank you for your nomination to continue as the MRA Vice President for 2021 & 2022. I first got involved with the MRA in 2010 when I took the race school and started racing as a Novice in 2013. Ever since I have been involved with the MRA I have been here to give by volunteering my time, donating to the safety fund, introducing new people to motorcycle roadracing, attending general meetings, borrowing tools/spares to other racers, supporting class sponsors and becoming a class sponsor. I have been on the board of directors for 3 years now. For 2018 & 2019 I was the Rider Rep for Trophies & Class Sponsorship. For 2020 I was appointed by the board to fill the remainder of the term as the Vice President.
    2020 was my first year as the Vice President and in late April I began handling the responsibilities of the President when that position suddenly became vacant. Being in this new position for 2020 along with having that additional responsibility was one of the most challenging situations I have ever been in. At that same time my beautiful wife had just flown to NYC to nurse in a COVID ICU at the peak of the pandemic there. This was a very difficult time for the board to figure out how to get the season going while most of the world was in the middle of the "stay at home" orders. We were fortunate that the MRA has a solid group of experienced members on the board to help us figure out how to put on a race season as Colorado was opening back up. Jim Wilson was also kind enough to advise us on everything it takes to run the business side of the MRA. One of the things that helped make this work was having a great group of people on the board that are always willing to step up and take on additional tasks outside of their job description. We were able to have a five round season with lower than usual turnout thanks to the board building a very solid Ďrainy day fundí over the last several years. Working closely with the board and Jim I gained experience with the Insurance Policies, Track Contracts, Bylaws, Vehicle Registrations, Air Fence, Safety Equipment, AMA Sanctioning, Contingency, Racewurx, Membership Management and Event Budgets. I also learned about the different needs for organizing our events at the three different race tracks.
    In addition to learning different parts of how the club operates I was able to help organize two projects that helped the MRA this year. The first project was organizing a small race school at PPIR for Round 2. Since we had to cancel our race school in April at HPR we really needed a way to get new racers licenced up. Jeff Brown and I worked with PPIR management on a plan to make this happen. Some of the things we worked on with them were fitting 'race school' sessions into the schedule and also helping them understand the differences with running a motorcycle lapping day as opposed to the car lapping days they are used to. We were able to accommodate about 10 people at the race school and several of them licenced up. A few members even helped out with the crash cart and corner crew at the last minute. The second project was to figure out how to get the air fence repaired. At Round 2 it became apparent that this needed to be done. The problem was that the air fence is very expensive to ship and it's a very niche product. The options to get it repaired are pretty limited. I was put in contact with a gentleman that helps the Roadracing World Action Fund and he recommended that we find someone that they could train how to make the repairs. What really helped make this happen was 3 people selflessly volunteered a good amount of their their time to help the MRA. Two members put on a fundraiser to raise money for another member to travel and learn how to make the air fence repairs. Then we organized a day where we had 17 volunteers show up to HPR on a Saturday to take an inventory of all the air fences and begin to make the repairs. There is still lots of work to be done but in the end this will save the club tens of thousands of dollars.
    In my career as an Employee Owner at a large Engineering Firm I get lots of experience with testing, implementing, training, supporting and managing many different software applications that Engineers and Architects use to design and document buildings. A large part of my job is keeping up to date with hardware and software applications that are rapidly changing to find better workflows and streamline processes. This year the CEO asked me to lead a small team that is beginning the 'crawling' phase of a 'crawl-walk-run' corporate initiative to automate our design processes. I would like to use the experience I have from my career to work with the MRA to improve how we process memberships, registration, points, gridding and results. This year we set up a simple blog website so racers could see their starting grids and results on their smartphones or tablets. The feedback I received was very positive so I think this type of thing would be well received by the club. The goal for this term would be to get many of our processes to become more accessible, automated, digital and electronic.
    I consider myself a very easy person to get along with, I always try my best to do the right thing and I have many great friendships in the MRA. One of the biggest problems we have right now in the MRA is a negative perception being perpetuated by a small group of individuals on social media. Over the past few years there have been negative attacks made on the MRAís brand, board of directors, racers, family members and even class sponsors. As a board member I will not tolerate people that taunt, defame and disrespect the MRAís brand, board of directors, racers, family members or class sponsors. We should all be here to give more to the MRA than we get back in return. It is a privilege to be a member of the MRA. I will work with the board of directors to develop a solution to this problem so we can put it behind us and focus more of our energy towards making the MRA better. We need the MRA to be a fun place for past, current and future racers!
    Thank you for your time and I hope to get your vote to continue being the Vice President of the MRA!
    Phil Pleiss #.223

    Zach Ritchey -
    Hello MRA Members!
    My name is Zach Ritchey and I am excited to be a nominee for Vice President of the club I love! I would be humbled to represent the members of this club on the board of directors by managing the club membership, class contingencies, sponsor relationships, Superstreet and more. I have been a longtime racer joining the club in 2000. Over the last 20 years I have seen the club go through a lot of changes; changes due to a fluctuating financial world, membership number issues, insurance concerns and coverage, and other critical and mundane matters that clubs like ours go through.

    As a native of Colorado, a small business owner, and a motorcycle enthusiast I feel that I have the best background to help the club. I know many of the local motorcycle clubs and I have a long history of participating and enjoying in many motorcycling events across the state and the region. I know countless local motorcycle businesses, tracks, training areas and professionals making me a great liaison and ambassador.

    I started my racing career on a 2001 GSXR1000 racing in the AmGTO, and endurance classes. As the years went by, the GSXR I rode changed, as did the classes I ran. I had an unfortunate motor failure in 2012 entering turn 3 at HPR that resulted in me being air-lifted from the track. My MRA family stood behind me during my recovery and helped get me back to riding. Now riding a Yamaha R1 I started riding Open Supersport, Open Superbike, Open Endurance, and ROR. I earned the ROR #10 plate in 2016 and the #8 plate in 2017. In 2018 and 2019 I was only able to come out to do the 4-hour event which my team was on the podium for each year. My wife and I have been trying to get a house built and have stepped back to get this done. I must admit that it has been so much fun getting faster and faster and I realized the last couple years that I miss it desperately.

    I know that I have never run for a board position and my reasoning for that was simple. I am a racer. Over the last two decades, however, I have learned about being a member of this club too. I care about what happens to the club and how it is perceived in, around and outside of Colorado. I have represented the club at numerous out of state events and I am always proud to represent my club. Though I always voted, attended most meetings (until recently with Covid), and help sponsor a class with my wife (also a racer in the club) I hadnít felt that I could give back more until now. I feel that my knowledge of the club is one of my best assets and the fact that I own my own business will allow me to organize my club duties with my work commitments.

    I also do not want to seem out of the loop by not being on Facebook, but I have been an active member of this club for more than 20 years now and Iím active on the Forum. My relationships with older members and newer members makes me a great bridge for the future of the club. I know that things have changed over the last few years with a lot of change over. I want to help create a sense of calm and communication to help fix some of these issues facing the current membership. I believe that I can create an environment where members can begin to feel included and heard again. I feel we can make this club one of the most desirable clubs to come race at.

    Secretary Candidates

    Brittany Morrison-
    Dear MRA Family, Friends, and Members, my name is Brittany Morrison, the proud wife of racer #127 Scott Morrison. The year 2021 will be my 8th year with the MRA and my 3rd year as an Associate Member. I have been nominated to serve as your MRA Secretary, which I am honored to have accepted. Being with the MRA for 7 years, I have seen a lot of people come and a lot of people go. Things change for the better and some for the worse. I feel it is my time to step up and incorporate my passion for this sport and serve the club to the best of my ability. I feel it is time to get the MRA back to racing with the same Fun, Passion, and Competition we all have experienced in this club and the reasons why we do this in the first place. Maybe with some fresh blood on the Board of Directors we can do just that! Before becoming a stay at home mom 5 years ago, I spent over 10 years working in administrative positions for financial advisors and for various medical professionals. I believe my previous work experience along with my dedication and love for this club over the years makes me the best candidate for Secretary. I share the same sentiment towards Fast, Fun, and Fair racing as the rest of you. I can assure you I will always work for your Best interest as members of this Great club! I am looking forward to the future, meeting new members, and growing the club to help re-energize the Love for American Motorcycle Road Racing.
    Kind Regards,

    Treasurer Candidates

    Tiffany Maestas -
    Iím incredibly passionate about everything that revolves around motorcycles. Despite the numerous objections of all my friends and family, in 2011, I borrowed a friendís super-sized-ill-fitting race suit and did my first SuperStreet with MRA. I was hooked and my family was resigned, because by 2013 I was a repeat offender now signing up for full seasons. I continued this pattern for 4 years and, in 2018, I raced a season with CVMA. Each year, I organized an all-womenís 4-hr endurance team and in 2018, I remained a competitor for one more round.

    Over the years, the MRA had become a family to me and, although I would no longer be racing, I wanted to be involved in whatever way possible to support this club and my fellow riders. As a result, I trained under Rick Bickhard to learn and operate our timing system, I assisted with the manual scoring for the 2018 race season and a portion of 2019 season. This year, I saw another opportunity to help when the position of treasurer suddenly opened.

    As the current MRA treasurer, Iíve spent the last 7 months learning and executing the responsibilities set forth for this position. With COVID upsetting lives all over the world, everything had to be done differently. Like many others, I was forced to adapt. I learned this position virtually and was no longer able to continue even the most basic processes in the same format as the previous year. Moreover, the club faced many challenges as members lives were affected causing many to ultimately be unable to participate. This sudden and unexpected decrease in membership fees created an urgent need to cut costs.

    In an effort to meet the clubís financial needs, I put forth the idea of racers donating trophies that can be recycled for the 2020 season and I put pressure on each board member to reduce spending. Furthermore, I met with our accountant and changed the frequencies in which services would be provided along with spending more time reconciling our accounts avoiding approximately $2,500 in previously spent accounting charges.

    My professional background consists of 10 years of banking experience, 8 years of analytical experience, a Bachelor of Science in Finance, and Six Sigma green belt certified. As a person, I am a detail oriented, self-assured person who is not easily swayed by peer pressure; however, I can admit when I am wrong and self-reflect on what could be done differently or better to learn from every situation. I have a lot of technical skills that are necessary for this position, but moreover, I have the passion, the time, and the understanding of the important issues facing racers. This is why I find it is so important to manage the membersí money in a way that we can pay our corner workers, run safe and efficient race events, have memorable banquets and most importantly ensure the future of this club.

    I am running for reelection because I believe that this position allows me to be a small advocate for racers. As someone who interacts with new riders on a regular basis, I hope to help people to take that leap into further enhancing their skills with racing by maximizing club benefits through targeted cost expenditures and responsible spending. I donít think this position is just about managing money, invoices, and bookkeeping. I think that all the board positions must have a likeminded passion and mentality to pursue the goals of this sport and club.

    My goals for the club going forward:
    1. Encourage more out of state racers to participate in roadracing with the MRA
    2. Create a policy and procedures manual.
    3. Produce an onboarding procedure for new board members.

    For the nitty gritty details of my professional background, please see my LinkedIn profile here: or feel free to contact me from the MRA Contact Us page here:

    Brandi Wright-
    I have been nominated for the position of Treasurer on the board. Below is my bio for you to check out.
    As a quick reference the position requirements are:
    ∑ Transaction processing
    ∑ Balancing bank statements
    ∑ Preparation of P&L statements
    ∑ Interfacing with CPAs for yearly tax filing and issuance of 1099s
    ∑ Prepare annual budgets
    ∑ Process checks and credit cards for all payments
    ∑ Issue checks on race day
    ∑ Reconcile race payments with entries
    From a young age I developed a love for competition, never missing an opportunity to turn everything into a good oleí rivalry. My love for competition drove me to become involved in as many sports as possible which eventually laid the foundation for my core beliefs today. I believe in hard work, perseverance, integrity, and spirit. These same virtues apply to my everyday relationships today. As your Treasurer, no matter the situation the board may face, rest assured I am fighting for not only your best interest but also the best interest of the club. Yes, those two can align.
    Born and raised in Northern Colorado, Real Estate runs in my blood with my biggest inspiration coming from my aunt who has built a successful brokerage in Northern Colorado. Following in her footsteps I got my start in Real Estate through Property Management ten years ago. Why is that important? I believe you should vote on relevant experience of candidates. My experience includes; creating and managing multimillion dollar operating budgets for apartment communities, processing rental payments, reconciling bank statements, issuing vendor checks, issuing rental refunds, issuing deposit refund checks, reconciling rental payments with bank statements, preparing profit and loss statements and presenting related reports to investors, ordering/managing supplies and inventory, as well as successfully handling and solving tenant related complaints/situations. During previous vacancies for the Treasurer position I have met with the MRAís CPA who at that time suggested my experience is ďexactly what the MRA neededĒ.
    I believe in addition to experience, integrity, and passion the MRA is a business and in business there is no place for gossip. Experiencing our own devastating crash this season it really puts the gravity of the current environment into perspective. When club members/racers lives are on the line personal biases need to be eliminated. Business is not the place equally as such nor is the track. If elected, I promise you to kindness, fairness, transparency, and integrity.
    To the past, present and future members I thank you for keeping our memories going. At the end of the day you are the reason the club continues. Thank you! I promise to ensure the future of our club is one you are proud to support.
    Brandi Wright
    If anyone would like to reach out to ask more about me or my experience, please feel free! I'm an open book. Feel free to call, text, or email me anytime.

    Race Director Candidates

    Marshal Poet-
    Thank you for the nomination to Race Director of the MRA! I accept!

    During 2009-2014, I had worked as Cornerworker, crash cart, equipment manager, and mobile responder. After 5 years of engineering work in Wisconsin and beyond, I am back in state and figured I would serve another season working for Rick to see whether the MRA was still my people or not after all this time. I also took on the challenge/opportunity to reapir the MRA air fence fleet which is ongoing. Turns out motorcycle racing is still cool, I still want in, and there's a need to serve in a capacity I have with additional challenge and responsibility.

    In the MRA I have worked under Race Directors Timothy S. YoungTimothy S. Young, Ray Gaimara, Chris Sorensen, and Rick Grosse. I have learned from each of them and have some ideas of my own.

    I have a good bit of track day experience on little big bikes and have just begun competing with the RMMM, but for the most part I just really enjoy putting on the production, and I look forward to serving in a new and deeper way.

    VP of Rules & Tech Candidates

    Jared Dear-
    I have been nominated for the VP of rules and tech. I was extremely excited for the possible opportunity to donate my time and talent to this club that I really love and want to see be continually successful. To me, success for our club means being friendly and welcoming to all MRA members and nurturing new or potential members while being clear and concise about rules and requirements. We need everyone to feel welcome when they come try out this motorcycle racing thing we do and not be uncomfortable asking any questions they may have. This is our passion, and word of mouth is the strongest path to success for having a strong foundation together as the MRA family. I will stand by making the right decisions with a reasonable basis for why those decisions were made for the best interests of the club and all our members.
    I believe I would be a great VP of rules and tech because I have been a Master Certified automotive technician with Toyota, Lexus, and Nissan for over a decade and stepped into a management/director role for several years now. In my present role, I am responsible for the safety of 70+ people in my department, so I am fully knowledgeable and capable of ensuring that all ridersí equipment is safe and meets the MRA rulebook for requirements for being on the racetrack. I understand how to hold people accountable and set clear expectations while showing respect and honesty. I like to be transparent with WHAT the rules are, WHY they are set as they are and WHAT could happen if not followed. I think to gain the best understanding for many things it comes down to the way it is outlined and explained so that everyone has the upmost understanding. I am also comfortable making the difficult decisions that may be required in this position when the situation arises in conflict with the rulebook. The club cannot be successful if riders are unsafe because of their equipment, gear or riding decisions and this all starts in rider tech. Having fun here starts with minimizing our risks as diligently as possible so that everyone can have more longevity as a rider.
    I look forward to the opportunity of serving my club and family here with the MRA. I want to show my daughters the importance of serving others and giving your time to what you believe in. They love being at the racetrack and love motorcycles so they will also enjoy saying hi to everyone and putting a smile on your face! ��
    I would greatly appreciate your support and look forward to receiving your vote of confidence for VP of rules and tech with the MRA, and I look forward to serving our club.

    New Rider Director Candidates

    Rider Representative - Pubic Relations & Events Candidates

    Joshua Baker-
    Hello MRA members and friends, my name is Joshua Baker #827. I have been a Member of the MRA for 4 years and I have been nominated for Rider Rep Public Relations/events. I feel I would be a great fit for this position because I would be a good liaison between the MRA members and the board. I am approachable and willing to hear anybody out. I feel in the age of COVID-19 and not really being able to have events, this position requires a large social media aspect to positively promote the MRA and get new riders to the track. Teaching new riders is something I love to do and instructing for super street has shown me how new riders enter this sport. I would love to serve the members of the club/my race family because I care about this club and care about the future of it, and its time to have fun again. I mean were racing motorcycles, come on.
    Josh Baker #827

    Rider Representative - Press & Communications Candidates

    Joe Maher -
    Hello, I am Joe Maher #157 and I have been nominated for Press and Communications. I have been racing with the MRA for over 10 years, first on camo ZX6ís (I had a camo rainsuit to match) and now on my Ducatiís. I truly enjoy this sport and club and see an opportunity to give back to both. A little background on me, I retired from the military after 27 years as Superintendent at NORAD/USNORTHCOM/SG (yes, I had a desk in the mountain and tracked Santa). I currently work for the US Food and Drug Administration, Office of Training, Education and Development, where my primary focus is teaching Management and Leadership Development courses for everyone in the Agency from new employees to senior officials. One of the subjects I teach is communication skills, and I truly understand George Bernard Shawís quote that ďThe single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken placeĒ. I would use the knowledge I have on the subject along with my experience to help improve communication in the club, both internal and external. Our news outlet is where they primarily focus on Race of the Rockies, and rightfully so as that is our Premier Class and should not change. However, one of my main goals if elected is to try to find outlets to celebrate the other 30 or so classes and 90+% of our more than 150 racers, whether it be a first podium, personal best or other noteworthy accomplishment. Some of you may remember when Southwest Scooternews was still in print, I was a reporter/photographer for them. Along with my regular bike articles, I frequently had stories printed about the MRA rounds and focused on recognizing the many other classes and riders. My goal is to try to celebrate all of us. I want to help add some fun to our racing events, which is why I sponsored the Metropolitan Challenge the last round. I was surprised to see how many people came to watch that race, and due to that you can expect another Metropolitan Challenge the first round of the 2021 season. I feel I have much to bring to this position and appreciate your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. 719-200-8997 or

    Jim Brewer #90 -
    I appreciate the nomination for Rider Rep/Press & Communications.

    For those of you who know me personally, thank you for your friendship! I hope you vote for me again.

    If you donít know me, Iíve served on the MRA board and as a volunteer for a few years in different capacities. Iíve been blessed with an unbelievably fun/cool non-MRA life. If youíre curious about what that means, I'm more than happy to go on and on about it ..

    My major passion is all the aspects & membership of the MRA, though. In addition to racing, Iíve done a few years of announcing, served on PR committees, MCíd the banquet, created a Supermoto series, started the rulebook change process, cornerworked a few times, and did many years of new rider instruction. Currently I am on the CAMA board of directors, I write the MRA race press releases for Roadracing World, I handle manufacturers contingency reporting, I led the bylaw change process, maintain the MRA website, and Iím leading discussions with Victory Motorsports in La Junta with the hopes of getting us on the track there. I have personal connections with a number of MotoAmerica officials & crew as well as folks with the AFM, AHRMA, ASRA/CCS, USBA, and CMRA.

    As a club, we got through the mess called 2020, got some good racing done, and are already well into planning for 2021. Vote for me and I will promise to use my energy, experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to make next yearís MRA season the best yet.

    Rider Representative - Trophy & Class Sponsorship Candidates

    Scott Weitmann -
    Hello, I want to give a huge thank you for the nomination to serve on the 2021 MRA Board of Directors for Trophies and Class Sponsorship.
    I started my racing career in 2015 with the expectation to further my riding to another level. Well as most of you know, I have excelled and met alot of my goals. In my 2nd season I volunteered and gave alot of my time to assist the club in several ways. Assisted with Air Fence throughout the entire season and worked the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. I also received the prestigious Sportman of the Year Award in 2016. As the years have passed, in 2018 I stepped away from racing and worked with the corner marshalls as equiptment manager/crash cart. I learned So much that season about what it takes to have successful race weekends. The hard work and determination that not only the corner marshalls put in but also the entire Board of Directors.
    If elected as a Rider Representative, my main goal is to work With and For The Racers!! For the past 4 seasons I have coached Super Street and Race School as well. I truly enjoy assisting new riders and sharing my racecraft knowledge. I know that with my attention to detail, the class sponsorship and trophies position will be 100% taken care of.
    I feel I am the best candidate for this position due to the fact that I have the experience working with the club.
    Thank you and I look forward for your votes.
    Scott "Scooter"Weitmann
    MRA Expert #22
    Dallas William-Andrť Sherman IV -
    Hi, Iím Dallas and Iím very excited and honored that I was nominated for Rider Representative: Trophy and Class Sponsorship.
    For those who donít know me I am a Colorado native and grow up in the MRA pits. Weeks after I was born in 1993 my Uncle Aaron Sherman started racing his novice year. My dad Dallas and Uncle raced their polished FZRís for years until they could no longer fit it into their budgets. Many years later I met Mike Applehans at an MRA booth he convinced me to come back out to watch a race. At that race I met Wyeth Jackson who gave me a super street voucher under the condition that I can not waste it. After my first time on the track I was hooked. This past season I raced 11 rounds at 4 different clubs. Racing in different places Iíve noticed vast differences between how our club is run compared to others, some for the better and others not so much. The MRA is definitely the most passionate group of racers that Iíve ever ridden with. I believe the MRA has the potential to be a destination for racers across the country.
    Outside of racing my background is in selling and managing commercial real estate. Iíve been in real estate for the last 9 years. As a young broker I spent hours everyday calling investors and managing contractors. I was also responsible for writing contracts and accurately evaluating assets. The Trophy and Class Sponsorship rep is responsible for contacting and negotiating with existing and potential sponsors as well as ordering and delivering trophies to MRA events and the Award Ceremony. My real estate background makes me extremely qualified for this role. I am very excited to serve my club.
    -Dallas #40

    Rider Representative - Rulebook Candidates

    Shannon Moham-
    Thank you for the support over the 2020 MRA season!
    For the 2021 season, I would like the opportunity to be your MRA rider representative once again. My very first motorcycle was obtained at the ripe age of eight, and I successfully managed to crash into my neighbor's garage on Christmas morning. Letís just say I've come a long way!
    Racing motorcycles has been my passion for more than a decade and I have climbed my way through the ranks to become, what I feel, is a very accomplished expert racer. Without question, I thoroughly love and enjoy racing motorcycles. My competitiveness and passion are two characteristics that help me bring new and exciting insight into the MRA. It is my belief that I offer a unique perspective to the board because I have raced with the majority of major road racing organizations in North America; excelled at racing our lightweight classes to Race of the Rockies; and provided instruction and guidance to almost every superstreet class since its inception. This exposure enables me to bring a lot to the table in terms of what works and does not work throughout these organizations.
    The MRA is not just an organization that I belong to--not just an organization that I race for. It's a family. A family of people that I choose to spend my weekends with, laughing, sharing, and yes, even hurting with at times. It is this very family that I will continue to represent. I will speak up for those who don't know how to voice their thoughts and/or opinions, and will help express any and all ideas of every racer that wants to put their thoughts and opinions out there. During my tenure as a MRA rider representative, there has been great satisfaction in being part of a Board that continually endeavors to improve. I take pride that as your rider representative for the rulebook, I generated an entire set of rules and class structure for the annual four-hour endurance race; I championed Friday night tech; and, I created a spirit of the rulebook ethos. With great honor, I also shared the responsibilities of helping run tech and am very willing and capable of helping the VP of Rules and Tech in the future. In addition to giving so much time and resources to the MRA, I donated well over 100 hard earned trophies from my personal collection in an effort to keep costs down and ensure every rider who battled hard and earned a well-deserved trophy gets one!
    From graduating from the United States Air Force Academy, to leading troops in combat, to winning awards for valor and bravery, I maintain professionalism in every aspect of my life, and want only the best for the future of the MRA. It is my promise and commitment to continue to work with the board members, the racers, and their families to fight for what they want for the future of their club. The MRA has been an amazing experience in my life. It is a blessing to have been a part of such a wonderful group of people. Thank you again for allowing me to represent you for the new 2021 season. See you on the track!

    Blair Harness -
    Thank you for the nomination and consideration for the position of Rider Rep Ė Rule book. I have enjoyed my time as a member of the MRA and it would be an honor to represent and give back to the club in an official manner. I have always done my best to support the MRA and look for ways to give back. I built the web page display of lap times that is linked on the MRA page since they weren't shown anywhere else at that time, I volunteered to run timing and scoring to give Rick an opportunity to race, and other things like these.

    I certainly appreciate the former and current board members for their efforts on behalf of the club, but I also believe it is good to get fresh people, input, and ideas in any organization. I believe there are always opportunities to innovate and improve.

    I see two major parts to this position, rider representative and rule book. If elected as a rider rep I will strive to maintain open communication and representation between the board and all racers. The membership is what makes the MRA what it is and I will do my best to serve the membership and make sure their ideas and concerns are heard.

    The goal of the rule book should be to provide a clear and concise set of rules that provide for fair competition on the track. I will work to maintain the MRA rule book, update it as required (new motorcycles, approved rule changes, etc), and align with other clubs to allow for easy reciprocity.

    Thank you for your consideration and support, let's make the MRA the best it can be.

    Blair Harness #760

    Dennis Stowers -
    I love the Motorcycle Roadracing Association. This club has been a home to me for over 10 years now. I am humbled to have been encouraged by many of my peers to step into a management role for this club. I have been interested in helping the board for quite a while, and have been looking for the right time to be able to give the club my best efforts. I am confident that I have the time and resources to go above and beyond the requirements of this office. I am enthusiastic about improving the moral in the BoD, as well as the vital relationships all of our rider reps should have with fellow racers.

    We are in this sport together. I bring many practical business skills to the table, and offer a wealth of experience in working with people to accomplish great objectives. I have 33 years of racing experience in a host of racing types, and disciplines. I am very experienced in motorsports rules, regulations, and the implementation of standards that create fairness. This sport is more fun, when the rules are clear and practical to follow.

    Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions related to motorcycle racing, or anything about your thoughts on the direction of the MRA. I would love to hear from you. Please vote for the people you feel are best equipped to grow our club, and provide the stable level headed leadership we need.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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