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Thread: 2021 Board of Directors Nominations Are Closed

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    Exclamation 2021 Board of Directors Nominations Are Closed


    The following positions are up for election at the November Annual Meeting. Nominations opened at the General Meeting on September the 9th, and they close at the end of the General Meeting on October the 14th. The Annual Meeting and Election is held on November 11th.

    **This election includes the Secretary and Track Marshal officer positions which are being vacated with one year remaining on their terms. Newly elected officers for these two positions will fulfill the remaining year of the terms. These positions will be up for reelection in 2021.

    Nominations can be made via this thread, or thru any Board Member. They do NOT need to be seconded. Please do us the courtesy of accepting or declining so we can let the members know as we go. Anyone can be nominated by any MRA Member, but the nominee MUST become an MRA member before accepting the nomination

    • Vice President is an Officer on the Board of Directors and is responsible for a variety of tactical projects designed to assure the efficient business operation of the MRA. Major responsibilities include:
      • Membership management including applications, licenses, competition number management and associated data entry
      • Contingency management including securing contingency sponsors, reporting results and maintaining relationships
      • Oversight of the Superstreet, gate ticket, license post card and membership packet design and publication

    Furthermore the VP is the primary point of contact for Racewurx for enhancement, problem resolution and operations.
    In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall have the powers and perform the duties of the President.

    • Secretary - Officer on the Board of Directors and is responsible for: (a) Keeping the minutes of the proceedings of the Members and the Board of Directors in one or more books provided for that purpose; (b) Seeing that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provision of the By-Laws or as required by law; (c) Be custodian of the Corporate Records and of the Seal of the Corporation and see that the Seal of the Corporation is affixed to all documents the execution of which on behalf of the Corporation under its Seal is duly authorized; (d) Keep a register of a post office address of each Member which shall be furnished to the Secretary by such Member; (e) Shall be responsible for sign up, score keeping and gridding at all race events; (f) Shall be responsible for assigning racer numbers; and In general perform all duties and incidents to the office of Secretary and such duties as from time to time may be assigned to him or her by the President or by the Board of Directors.

    • Treasurer is an Officer on the Board of Directors. This position requires knowledge and skills which include transaction processing using Paypal, RaceWurx and QuickBooks, balancing bank statements, preparation of P&L statements, interfacing with CPAs for yearly tax filing and issuance of 1099s. The Treasurer will also prepare annual budgets, process checks and credit cards for all payments, issue checks on race day, and reconcile race payments with entries. This is a non-racing position. The Treasurer position is a non-riding position as the duties associated carry through both race days.

    • Vice President of Rules and Tech - Officer on the Board of Directors. Creates, compile and publish rules for competition in the form of a rule book; Provides for technical inspection of equipment being used by the riders and bar any equipment which does not conform to technical standards; and Serves as a referee in the enforcement of rules regulating equipment standards, class suitability, and all other matters specified in the rule book not otherwise delegated in the By-Laws.The VP of Rules and Tech positions can be held by riders or non-riders.

    • Race Director (formerly Track Marshal) - Officer on the Board of Directors and responsibilities include: (a) Be responsible for the orderly conduct of the races and race day activities; (b) Determine that qualified personnel are assigned to those positions necessary to ensure the efficient and orderly conduct of the event; (c) Determine the suitability of the course and to call the event off at any time that conditions make it unsuitable; (d) Direct the starter to flag riders off the track for any condition he deems to be unsuitable or in violation of the rules; (e) Direct a race or practice to be halted, as indicated by a red flag; (f) Direct and oversee the activities of all other track workers; and (g) Serve as a referee in the enforcement of rules regulating race track conduct and procedures.

    • New Rider Director - Officer on the Board of Directors.
      • Responsible for organizing and instructing New Rider School, Super Street and evaluations
      • Recruit, evaluate and make final determination of the credentials and suitability of assistants, instructors and schools
      • Make final determination whether riders are qualified to compete in an event
      • Approve or deny new license applications, rider advancements and revocation of advancements, racing credentials from other organizations and schools, and other duties specified in the rule book.

    The Rider Representative positions must be held by racers so that they may maintain the rider's perspective, teach and coach throughout the season. In addition to being a "voice" of the racing membership, there are 4 distinct "Rider Rep Positions" and specific responsibilities that come with each:

    • Rulebook - responsible for knowing rulebook inside and out, compiling new rule suggestions, coordinating and conducting rulebook committee meeting, and then presenting committee recommendations to the Board. Also requires making edits, corrections, etc... to rulebook as necessary, and then preparing rulebook text for the publishing company as per their guidelines. The majority of the work in this position occurs "off season".

    • Trophy and Class Sponsorship - responsible for contacting existing and prospective trophy sponsors to ensure classes are sponsored for race season. Must negotiate sponsorships, giving first right of refusal to returning class sponsors. Prepares and delivers invoices to trophy sponsors, and provides ongoing contact with trophy sponsors as necessary. Also responsible for contracting, ordering, and delivering trophies to MRA events and Award Ceremony. The workload for this position is fairly evenly spread throughout the calendar year.

    • Public Relations/Events - responsible for heading up and coordinating local/regional PR events with members and volunteers, and the construction, maintenance and distribution of E-Displays. Orders flyers, staff's events (bike nights, dealership open houses, etc...), posts on other club sites, communicates with Board regarding marketing expenditures, etc... This is NOT a one-man-band position. It requires someone who can coordinate and motivate members to attend various functions and keep tabs on ALL PR events to be sure the MRA is properly represented. This position requires attention and effort throughout the calendar year.

    • Press / Communications - responsible for sending out results press releases immediately following the race weekend, primarily to Roadracing World and other race oriented magazines/websites. Also responsible for sending notifications to membership via MailChimp and updating MRA Facebook page and Twitter Account. Updates and maintains the MRA Hotline, collects the mail from the Post Office, and cross-posts relevant information to other club sites as necessary. This position also assists the Vice President with contingency duties including contacting current and prospective contingency sponsors to ensure continued support in next season, phone and e-mail work to confirm forms, payouts, etc..., and assists in timely filing of contingency forms throughout the season. The workload for this position is year-round, but the heaviest load is immediately preceding, and during the race season.

    Nominations can be made via this thread, or thru any Board Member. They do NOT need to be seconded. Please do us the courtesy of accepting or declining so we can let the members know as we go.

    Bio's from accepted candidates are DUE no later than 6pm on FRIDAY OCTOBER 16th.

    Nominations for open positions are:

    Vice President

    Phil Pleiss - Accepted
    Zach Ritchey - Accepted
    John Sims - Declined


    Brittany Morrison - Accepted
    John Sims
    - Declined


    Tiffany Maestas - Accepted
    Brandi Wright - Accepted
    John Sims
    - Declined

    VP of Rules and Tech

    Nyles Gourlie - Accepted
    Jared Dear- Accepted

    Race Director (formerly Track Marshal)

    Marshal Poet - Accepted
    John Sims
    - Declined

    New Rider Director

    Jeff Brown - Accepted
    Mark Schellinger

    Rider Rep - Rulebook

    Shannon Moham - Accepted
    Blaire Harness - Accepted
    Dennis Stowers - Accepted
    Dave Stiefvater - Accepted
    John Sims
    - Declined

    Rider Rep - Trophies and Class Sponsorship

    Jason Martinez - Declined
    Scott Wietmann - Accepted
    Kevin Madden - Accepted
    Dallas Sherman IV - Accepted
    Josh Baker - Declined
    John Sims
    - Declined

    Rider Rep - Public Relations & Marketing

    Josh Baker - Accepted
    Scott Weitmann - Declined
    John Sims- Declined

    Rider Rep - Press & Communications

    Jim Brewer - Accepted
    Joe Maher - Accepted
    John Sims
    - Declined
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