$5,500 FIRM - the price will drop by $500 every other Friday until sold

4987 Miles
Full Arrow Racing Titanium Exhaust
Fast Frank Front Wheel Quick Change Kit ($250) https://fastfrankracing.com/shop/ols/products/675r-front-fender-mount-kit-daytona-200-winner- Fast Frank Quick Release Rear Axle Kit ($800+)
Custom Machined Fast Frank TRS Pin for Pit Bull Trailer Restraint
Full Bazzaz Z AFM ECU Tuner with Manual Traction Control Dial and Toggle Switch
Bazzaz Quick Shifter
Shorai Lightweight Battery
Triple Tree from Another Triumph Model Installed (improves OEM geometry - original included)
Attack Performance Suspension Linkage Kit painted to look factory (also improves geometry / shock performance - original included)
Triumph Arrow Rearsets (damage on right side)
Black Aluminum Radiator Guard
520 DID Chain, barely used
Multiple sprockets, some brand new
Stainless Steel braided brake lines, front and rear
Extra Keys
GB Racing Frame Sliders
Scotts Steering Damper
Woodcraft Aluminum Case Cover (left side)
LSL Engine Slider (right side)
Lightech Chain Adjusters
Sharkskinz bodywork (easily repairable damage to tail, lower, upper on right side)

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This was one of Jason DiSalvoís coaching bikes. I bought it straight from his team. I have the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin if you want to title the bike. Although, I donít know why you would as I donít have any original street parts, like headlights. The wiring harness is untouched though so it is possible. A picture of the VIN Number is included to prove this is a legitimate sale.

The bike has been down once in its lifetime, a low-side on the right side. I told myself 3 years ago that I was going to make it pretty again, then sell itÖ but I never got around to it. Itís just been collecting dust in my climate controlled garage since then so I decided it must go before another winter comes. This will be an amazing deal for someone willing to put in a little love.

Call or text me at 412-760-2569. Bike is located in Denver, CO.