Titled runners, second generation, trimmed down for track days or racing.

The blue one is sprung for 135# rider, not drilled for safety wire. Bike has never been down.
The orange one is sprung for 185# rider, drilled for safety wire. Rashed but fixed as necessary.
Both have cartridge emulators, slipons, rearsets, braided steel front brake line, race bodywork, EBC HH brake pads, and a homebrew carb tune performed at sea level.
Tires have good tread depth but are old. One good battery between them.
Box of spares, tune kits, etc...

Neither is a beauty queen, but both are safe, reliable and ready to ride. They could be made great again with new tires and a carb tune.
$1500 each OBO.
I'll bring them out to Round 2 PPIR where I'll be cornerworking that weekend.

My time on 250s has no-doubt made me a more-capable rider!
But living in Grand Junction these days, this shall be the time in my life for dirt and minimoto at the local kart track
Roadracing for me will have to wait. In the meantime, these bikes should be getting used.

Marshal Poet
(720) 841-3016