Over the last several weeks I have been reflecting on my time as an MRA Board Member and as the President of the club. During my tenure I have witnessed great triumph and true sadness. I have made great friends and I have sadly said goodbye forever to others. When it is all said and done, I am proud to have spent the time that I have serving the members of this club. It truly has been an honor.

I would like to publicly thank my predecessors, Tony Baker and Glenn Conser, for their friendship and mentoring. Id like to also thank all the current and former board members that I have served with. The time and dedication all of you put forth is the reason why this organization has been so successful. And I would like to thank every member of the MRA for allowing me to leave my mark on the club. I will always look back on this time fondly and with no regrets.

I look forward to watching the club continue to grow and the impression the new president and board will leave on it.

Here is to the 2020 season and beyond. Thank you for the memories.

Best Regards,

Jim Wilson