2020 Rule Changes
Here is a summary of the rule changes for 2020. There will be some administrative changes not listed below. I am only listing the changes for 2020, not the suggestions. Listed below is only a quick synopsis of what the rule changes will be for 2020 and in no way reflects the actual wording that will be placed in the 2020 rulebook. This is for informational purposes only. The thread was not started to create a debate, but in an effort to keep racers informed. If you want to discuss the reasoning behind the rule changes, please contact Shannon Moham.

We will run a premier amateur class based on HWSBK rules with a cash payout. Details to follow!!!

AMA membership is required to race.

Saturday’s race day will run 2 practices. We will solicit feedback for the new format as the season progresses.

We will make effort to generate electronic pre-grids, but as always CHECK

Production cup bike will be allowed to run a modified shock linkage as per prior years.

Thunderbike will be upped to 800cc triples.

End of the year credits not redeemed will go to the safety fund.

Electric bikes will be based on STGTO until more data/bikes actually hit the race track.

We are working with insurance to finalize racer age limits

The board is working out the details on any more modern vintage exempted bikes.

The board is looking forward to the changes and an exciting 2020 race season!

Thank you.