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Thread: 2020 Board of Directors Candidate Bios

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    Post 2020 Board of Directors Candidate Bios

    Here are the bios received from Candidates for the upcoming election. I will add them as I receive them.

    Voting will be online this year. Election meeting is November 13th at Nite Owl Sports Bar & Grill at 1050 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80226. Meeting starts at 7:30 pm. The new Board of Directors will be announced at the end of the meeting.

    President Candidate

    Jeremy Alexander

    Iím Jeremy Alexander, your Presidential candidate. For the past 3 years, I have had the honor of serving the club as Vice-President. In that time, I have made it a point at each round to spend a good deal of time walking through the paddock and trying to meet as many members and their families as possible. I have enjoyed listening to what you, the members of the MRA have to say whether weíre talking racing, ways to improve the club, or just life in general. Your opinions and viewpoints are important to me and have played a very important role in helping shape the decisions that the Board of Directors make regarding the direction that the MRA is going in the future.
    A little background about myself Ė I have been with my beautiful wife, Malissa for about 10 years and father to our pretty awesome 5th grade son. I feel that balance is very important in my life, and between my family and the club, I have balance. I became involved with the MRA in 2012 through the Superstreet program. Our club is lucky to be able to give street riders the chance to get their feet wet in racing so that they can decide if the commitment is for them or not. I know I sure was appreciative of the instruction and support I was given by so many of the Superstreet instructors and licensed racers at that time. It made a lasting impression on me that I knew I wanted to be a part of this organization and pay it forward in whatever capacity I could. I had a successful novice season and forged many friendships in the club that carry on to this day. Itís a great feeling to see the riders that you cut your teeth with advancing their riding abilities and fighting for ROR and class championships years later!
    In 2015, I sustained injuries from a crash during Open Supersport at Pueblo that put my racing ambitions on hold, so I made the decision to stay involved with the MRA and motorcycle roadracing by serving the club as Vice President, racing here and there, but never putting together an entire program as I had before. I spent the first 4 rounds prior to serving on the BOD as a corner worker for the club, which is why I will always appreciate and admire the dedication that they have for the riders of the MRA.
    One thing Iíve learned over the course of my service to this club is that there is a lot more to successfully operating the MRA than most people are aware of, which is why it is important to have the right people working for the club and representing itís members. The right person to have on the Board of Directors is someone who works hard to secure the future of the club, someone who makes decisions based on what is in the best interest of the club as a whole. Someone who is fair and not afraid to take a firm stance on issues when their decision may not always be the popular one. There is no place for pandering, kowtowing, favoritism or self-promotion, that is a fact.
    As your club president, you can be assured that I will always be fair. I believe that the rulebook was written and continues to be amended with the best intentions for fair play. That being said, I will always refer to the rulebook first and foremost for guidance on any situation that arises, and apply the contents in a way that is unbiased, logical and fair. To those who understand that our club cannot succeed unless we draw on the ideas of all of its members, I say: I am listening.
    A wise man once said, "Every one of us is given the gift of life, and what a strange gift it is. If it is preserved jealously and selfishly, it impoverishes and saddens. But if it is spent for others, it enriches and beautifies." I promise each and every one of you that as your President I will give you my greatest efforts in hopes that I, along with the rest of the Board of Directors, can enrich this club. What separates the candidates running for positions in this election is whether we use the gift of service to the club Ė for others or only ourselves.
    I have faith that we can shape a bright future for the club, and that same vision is present among every current board member that I work with. I am hopeful that this trait is recognized by the members of this club as you cast your ballots.
    Thank you for your consideration, and for allowing me to continue to serve you.

    Secretary Candidate

    Jen Grosse

    Hey Everyone,
    Iím Jen Grosse aka JenJen. Thank you for nominating me again. Most of you have
    known me for several years now but for those that donít hereís more about me. Iím the youngest of 4,
    the mom of 4 boys Georgio, Camron, Curtis, & my sleeping angel Westley, I also have 3 grandbabies Bell
    Logan & Kiyahn so Iím pretty good with chaos & strong willed personalities. I have been around the MRA
    since 2007, I went on my 1 st date with my Husband Rick/MRA Track Marshal at an MRA event, ever since
    seeing my 1st race I knew I wanted to be involved with the club but I didnít know what I could do to help.
    In 2007 I ran for the Secretary but lost the vote the then secretary. In 2008 the Secretary stepped down
    in the beginning part of the season the MRA Board appointed me to be MRA I was young (25), I was so
    eager & scared but willing to learn all at the same time. I have learned & grown so much since I got on
    the Board, Everyone on the Board wants the best for the longevity of the MRA we donít always agree
    but we do come together to get the job done. It. It takes a lot of Time, Effort, Support & an open mind
    for the MRA to function. The diversity of the current board works we have racers, non racers & past
    racers, very rarely do we see everything 100% eye to eye but we do respect & support each other when
    decision made. Sometimes too many of the same things or same opinions are not always the best.
    Going into the next 2 years I will continue to work with and support my fellow Board members to ensure
    the longevity & future goals we have for the MRA. I will continue to share my knowledge & experience
    with new board members. I will continue to support, encourage, & cheer for all of you Racers! I will love
    your kids like they are my own, I will be a supportive hug for your significant other, and I will have your
    backs!! Even though I have been around for a while Iím always looking for new ways or ideas to improve
    efficiency of registration, gridding and results.
    You all are my family; we can laugh together & cry together! The MRA families stand by each other,
    everyone cares about each other, when bad situations happen we are all there showing our love, care &
    support no matter what. When I first got involved with the club I had no idea the amount of love &
    support I would get from all the racers, Spouses, kids, immediate family, extended family, pit crews &
    staff. When I first started coming to the races, before I was on the board, Rick crashed I remember
    thinking to myself ďWow these people are really awesome, the riders care about him & the wives cared
    about me! I donít really know where else you would find that except here in this club. Knowing I have a
    family like this makes me a very lucky person, I couldnít ask for anything more. I love getting to know
    you all & your loved ones, from watching your kiddos grow up & leave for college to meeting the new
    little future racers being born. I hope that someday one of my kids or grand kids will want to be involved
    with the MRA.
    I love being part of the MRA & the Board Of Directors. Over the past 12 seasons I have seen so much I
    have seen relationships start, end, I have seen couples get married, divorced I have seen families just
    beginning and babies being born to Kiddos growing up then the Kids turn into adults & even one of
    those sweet once little kids is engaged & getting married. With that said this will be my Final Term & I
    will be retiring as MRA Secretary ďMRA MamaĒ at the end of the 2021 season. Originally I was going to
    retire at the end of the 2019 season but with Jim Wilson retiring I want to be sure Jeremy is working
    with a good group of people & that whoever takes over my position is trained to the fullest as I handle &
    do a lot of stuff throughout the season. If anyone is interested or knows someone who would like to be
    apart of the MRA Board have them contact me for further information. I have so many wonderful
    memories with this club that will last me a lifetime. I hope to make more great memories with you all in
    these last 2 seasons.
    Thank you again for nominating me. I look forward to working with you all over my final 2 seasons.


    VP of Rules and Tech Candidates

    Scott Weitmann

    Hello my MRA family, my name is Scott Weitmann aka "Scooter" and I would like to express my gratitude for the nomination to serve the club as the VP of Rules and Tech for the 2020 race season.
    I joined the MRA in 2015 after 10 years of street and canyon riding and have truly found an amazing group of people that I look forward to seeing on race weekends and consider all of you my family! After my first Super Street at Rd.7 2014, I was hooked. I Built my race bike and have not looked back. Throughout my racing career I have received 10 season ending top 5 plaques in several classes and in 2016 I was awarded the prestigious Sportsman of the Year Award! I have also endured several crashes and have personally repaired my bike back to technical standards. I am very passionate for road racing motorcycles and the safety that goes along with it. In 2018 I stepped away from racing to serve as Crash Cart/Equipment Manager, and worked alongside the Track Marshall and learned a lot about what it takes for the club to operate during race weekends.
    In 1992 I received a degree in Airframe and Powerplant Aircraft Maintenance and worked with the airlines for several years. I am also a Master Certified Automotive Technician working in the industry for 24 years. You're probably asking yourself, what does aircraft maintenance and automotive technical training have to do with motorcycle rules and tech? Well, my daily work ethic, attention to detail and precise inspections are crucial to the success of my career. I plan on taking this high level of professionalism into this role as the VP of Rules and Tech.
    If elected, I will work hard and efficiently not just on race weekends, but also throughout the year alongside the Board of Directors to ensure the MRA continues to uphold its high standards of rules and tech.
    Thank you for your consideration and I would be honored to serve as the VP of Rules and Tech for the 2020 season.
    Scott "Scooter" Weitmann #226

    Nyles Gourlie

    For those of you who don't know me, my name is Nyles Gourlie, #921. I have been racing with the MRA for 9 seasons, I started with Super Street, and fell in love with the sport.
    I have raced with other clubs and have seen differences in procedures. I feel that our club has a great process for tech and I wish to continue that with, adding ideas for improvement. I have attended every rules meeting since I started racing and have a great understanding of the rules inside and out.
    I pride myself on my work ethic and hope to give back to this club as it has helped me become who I am today. This club is a way of life for me and I wish to help this club grow into something that everyone can come to and feel they are welcomed.
    Thank you for your consideration

    Dave Stiefvater

    Hello. I'm Dave Stiefvater aka Starfighter. I'm thankful to be nominated for the position of VP rules and Tech.
    A bit on my background: I've been a professional mountainboarder since 1995 mainly competing in freestyle. In recent years, Unable to keep up with kids doing triple backflips, I moved into boardercross. During my time as a mountainboarder, between stunt shows and competing, I helped run the North American Mountain Board Association (NAMBA) I was on the board of directors for the International Mountainboard Association (IMA) which I later became the president for 2 years. In my time as the president of the IMA I brought back the World Freestyle Championships and continued to organize the World Boardercross Championships. Additionally I worked closely with MBS mountainboards engineers and R&D to create top of the line boards you see today
    Mountain boarding brought me into motorcycles. I got my first dirt bike to find more places to ride my board. Later bought my first street bike. A 2000 Buell X1. I quickly got involved in the motorcycle scene and became an active member in the Buell community. I still participate in Buell activities and help many local Buell enthusiasts maintain and upgrade their bikes. After years as a canyon rider I decided to step into the race scene
    I have worked as a prototype machinist for the last 25 years. Running all types of CNC and manual machines. I have parts on Mars. Parts on the space station. Parts flying overhead. Parts in people's bodies. And parts at the bottom of the ocean. Currently I'm a machine designer and fabricator
    I've got a bit of a green thumb. An adventurer side. 2 grown kids. And a wonderful lady, Ali who many of you know.
    As a first year novice rider I'm still becoming familiar with the finer inner workings of the MRA board. With my past working within the mountainboard associations, my technical background in machining/ design and my work within the Colorado motorcycle community; I think I offer a strong technical background, understanding of how an association works, understanding and ability to be effective with rulings, and fresh ideas and new approach.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Dave Stiefvater #639

    Santiago Shirtz
    Many of you know me, not all of you know that I have been around the MRA for well over a decade, first helping out in the pits when my dad raced, then cornerworking, and eventually, racing.
    I love the MRA, it IS my family, and I care deeply about the safety of all the members. I think my background as an Air Force mechanic make me a prime candidate for this position.

    Track Marshal Candidate

    Rick Grosse
    Hi newbies and oldies! My name is Rick Grosse MRA #20 for those that donít know me. I've been riding for over 20yrs and racing since 2006. My awesome, one-of-a-kind wife JenJen has been the MRA secretary since 2008. 1 of my first dates with her was a crazy double header race weekend in Hastings Nebraska. Ever since then the MRA has been a normal part of our lives. I had procrastinated racing for many years but came to the realization while doing a lot of canyon riding that the danger was only a matter of time before the inevitable would happen. After losing a few friends to the dangers of street/canyon riding, I decided to try track days around 2000 and did that for 6yrs. I made my first appearance to the club in April 2006 with the first riding school of the year winning the mock race. I only made 3 races that year but had many finishes in the top 5 and a best finish of 3rd. I realized then that street riding was a thing of the past.
    Since I have been racing with the MRA, I ran an 11 race program for a few years to go on to win a few championships by 2014 and been runner up in many other classes including RORu, Superbike and Supersport. The commitment to stay on top is huge but with that comes lots of ups and downs. But throughout my career alot more great times than bad ones and nice for me to say I accomplished my goals as a racer. I have made many friends and helped out many more including being a rider coach since the beginning of our superstreet program. Helping out of Superstreet riders is something I have taken very seriously and make every attempt to be available for them and our rider director as much as possible. I truly enjoy helping out those that have wanted to improve themselves as well as thier riding skills. A few of my students have even gone on to winning a few championships themselves.
    This year was a different page i'm turning for me. I enjoy racing very much but ever since I took on the role of MRA Track Marshal in 2016 I decided to take a step back. Not pushing myself as I did in the past to win races i realized a bigger need for me to look at my priorities. 1 of which was is the 2020 MRA Track Marshal position. Biggest reason I chose to do the job was because the club really needs someone to count on. Someone that REALLY understands what our riders need. Someone that wants to be sure our race day runs just that much better. I stepped up and made a difference in my previous term in 2016-17. Iím proud to have done that for our club. Now its time for 2020 and my ability to performs those duties are that much better.
    I know the Track Marshall position carries a larger demand but rest assured, I feel that the affect I had on those at the track in my prior term, I couldnít imagine anyone else filling that position any better. Besides, Iím in good hands with the current board members we all have. I canít fail because I care about our club and the board wonít let me fail. The support system we all have with each other is important and I know I can be a large part of it.
    Thank you for the consideration
    Razr Rick #20

    Rider Representative - Pubic Relations & Events Candidates

    Cindy Wulf

    First of all, Iíd like to thank the club for allowing me to participate in this crazy addiction.
    That being said, I have been a member of many clubs over my 54 years. I was a member of a 4-H club; participated, learned, volunteered and led. I was a member of a roping club; participated, learned volunteered, and led. I was a member of a gymnastics club; participated, learned, volunteered, and led. Does anybody see a pattern?
    By being a member of a club, you are surrounding yourself with people of a like interest. These people are NOT there to make sure everything goes smoothly for you, alone Ė that would be a business, and the MRA is NOT a business, we are a club. Whether there are 5 members or 500 members in a club, it takes manpower and effort to make events run smoothly and make the club a success.
    I realize that members want to get their expert plates, so they donít have to do Novice hour volunteering. However, if the only people volunteering were the board of directors and the novices, the club would surely fail. So to those members who continue to donate their time, money and manpower and continue to support the MRA and its directives, THANK YOU!!!!!
    If you are one of those Expert racers who do nothing but show up and race but complain about how the club is run and constantly bash on the shortcomings of the club instead of being a resource to make productive suggestion, SHAME ON YOU!!!
    So, just because youíre a ďfast guy,Ē swing through tech on Friday night and see if Brett needs any help. The novices that youíll meet will get a kick out of talking to somebody so fast, and you might just find that there are some pretty cool guys who are just feet away from you, every race weekend. Nobody expects you to make your next best friend, but you can appreciate someone elseís efforts, offer them advice or simply enjoy the fellowship of racing. It may just help keep a racer in the club a little longer.
    I am ashamed of most of you complainers (millennials?) . You donít see the hours of discussion that go into the tough decisions that the board makes. You donít see the hours of phone calls, vendor visits, e-mails, and attending social events to keep the MRA front and center in the minds of the people who sponsor the club, financially. You donít see the hours that go into prepping the office, grids, results, financials for every race weekend. You donít see the hours that go into prepping for race school Ė finding adequate coaches with the skills and temperament to guide riders who want to race. You donít see the hours that go into equipment maintenance before, during and after race weekends, while youíre out having beers with your buddies and complaining about the high cost of racing.
    Yes, itís nice if we get some SuperStreet interest when we attend a sponsorís open house event, but weíre mostly there to say thank you for sponsoring our club. We attended Woodyís Wheel Worksí Woodystock, not because we thought weíd rope a dozen new riders into becoming racers, but because Woody was a founder of our club, who has continued to sponsor the club through the years. Itís called respect for our community.
    Before you complain, have you helped, volunteered, donated, or even said a kind word? Before you bash on the club that provides your racing opportunities, are you making constructive suggestions or just pointing a finger, without even knowing all of the facts?
    I applaud anyone who has ideas to make the club better. However, I think that there are those who want to make the club better, overall, and those who are self-serving, selfish with a myopic view of their idea of better. Iím old and conservative. Iíll be the first to admit that there may be ideas that could improve the club, but when I openly request videos, event ideas or other suggestions, nobody brings anything to the table.
    I do not ask businesses to support our club and then attack them. I understand that these businesses exist to make a profit to support the owners and employees. Most offer discounts to MRA members Ė all you have to do is ask for it.
    I am running for Rider Rep for Public Relations and Events. That means that I take our canopy, floor, display table, display motorcycle, tables, brochures and programs, and television to events around the area. I haul it, I set it up, I tear it down, and I store it. I coordinate novices who want to work at these events. I expect those novices to not watch MotoGP or World Superbike, but to engage attendees of the event and invite them into our space to share the gospel of going fast in a safer environment than the streets.
    To be perfectly clear Ė this position allows me to not pay my race fees for all 7 rounds. WOW!!! It does not pay my license. It does not pay my track days. It does not pay my gas to the events that we attend in Longmont, Fort Collins, Denver, Englewood, etc. It does not provide someone to prep my bike while Iím off performing the duties of a Rider Rep. I might be checking on a racer who crashed. I might be listening to someone vent about the aggressive riding of another racer. I might be watching a video to prove or disprove whose fault a crash was. I might just be listening to someone whoís struggling with their own reasons for racing. I might be talking with my SuperStreet student to find out their current skill level, what they hope to achieve through the SuperStreet program, and advising them who best could help them with their ultimate goals. Iíll be the first to admit that Iím probably not their best or final riding coach, but I certainly have the information to direct them to their next one.
    I am a rider rep. I ride, I race, I make myself available to anyone who has a question, needs support, or just wants to vent. I spend hours, every race weekend, listening to racers, their pit crews, and their families.
    I appreciate that improvements can be made, but change for the sake of change is just wasteful and costly. And whether I am re-elected to the board or not, I am a member of this club and will continue to support it and work for it.
    Rant over Ė If you appreciate brutal honesty and transparency, then please vote for me. No hidden agenda Ė just trying to keep the club on its feet.

    Matt Cooper

    Hi every one my name is Matt Cooper or Coop/Coopdeville. I'm honored to be nominated for this position for the 2nd time.
    A little bit about me, I am Production Manager & Project Manager for a monument and engraving company. I am also the Team Coordinator and founder of Legion of Speed and excited to say, co-Owner of Legion Moto. Which will soon be providing organized track days to Colorado. I am a former Infantryman and Ranger in the US Army. I am a father & step father to two beautiful girls. I currently reside in Brighton and I enjoy leading and organizing events and teams a like.
    I am very passionate and active in the Motorcycling community both on and off the track. I help host and put together a number of events through out the year. From suspension tech days to bike nights to coming out to trackdays.
    I think that this position and role in the MRA is extremely important and beneficial to the growth of our club. It needs some one that is passionate, driven and that riders can relate to.
    When you look around the club right now who do you see bringing in new riders, not only new racers, but super Street riders? Track day enthusiasts? I am determined to get more and more riders out here every year. I absolutely love sharing this sport. Right now I don't think enough is being done in this position to grow our club. The last few years have seen the same stradegy of attending the same few events and handing out flyers.
    It's more than showing up and popping up a tent at other people's events. It's more than just handing out flyers and two for ones. You need to be actively making moves and representing yourself in the riding community. You need to be someone other riders can relate to. You have to have the drive and passion; people need to see it and feel it. You need to lead the way in this position.
    I'd like to see us hosting our own events that benefit and help potential new riders.
    I'd like to to see seminars specifically for women riders out there that take the intimidation out of this sport. Right now LOR is dwindling. I want to see more super Street riders licensing up. I want to see more follow ups with potential racers and better communication amongst our current riders. We need to expand our reach of influence and start motivating our riders on the streets to get out here and experience what it's like to be apart of some thing great.
    The same passion and drive I put into my team and making it grow is the same determination you will get from me in this position. It's time for some motivation and a fresh perspective. This club is the best in the country, let's keep growing it and representing our sport!
    -Coop for Rider Rep and PR/Events 2020!

    Nathan Morales

    Hello MRA Family,

    My name is Nathan Morales, I would first like to say thank you for nominating me for this position on the MRA board, it is truly an honor. For those of you who do not know me i go by Nate and i am also a first year racer with the MRA. Here is a little about my background racing. I started on a 50cc dirt bike when i was 4 years old. From there i would move to a 65cc, 85cc and then a 125cc by the time i was 12 years old. Never being tall enough to reach the ground i somehow made it work. I raced motocross, arena cross and flat track! i had a lot of success racing when i was younger. From there competitive sports would take over my life and racing would end for me. I became in love with the game of football and this sport took me places where i never thought i would go. I went to college because of football and finished with my bachelors degree!!! Something i never thought i could accomplish. I know i didnít want to go to school but i knew i wanted to play football. Therefore i had to suck it up and go to school even when i didnít want to. I got back into the motorcycle scene a few years ago and ended up meeting some great people. Some of these people were Lj Elder and the Legion of Speed group. From there i would find myself at the track and little did i know Dennie Burke, who grew up with my father would push me to race sooner then i expected. I have to thank all these people for pushing me to race because if they didnít i wouldnít be in this position in the first place. My First race season is over and wow am i hooked! I cannot wait to spend the years to come racing with you all!

    Enough talking about me and lets talk about why i would be the best candidate for the Rider Rep PR & Events Candidate. Even though i am new to the club i am always up for a challenge, and ready to prove to others that i am capable of things people might not think i am. Why i feel i would be the best for this position is because i am very motivated, a leader, get along well with everyone, i am always on top of my business and bring positive energy no matter the situation. These are just a few of the things i can bring to the table as a board member. If i were to get this position some of the goals i would have is to bring more members to the club because who wouldnít want to be apart of such an awesome sport. Also i would like to get the club more well known in the state of Colorado. Not only in the state but on a national level. We all know that we do not get many spectators at our events. Well i think that should change and i will strive to make that change! Some ways i can meet my goals is by attending events and promoting the MRA. Going to more events and getting MRA members involved is going to attract others to come race, work, or spectate but we all have to buy in. Social media is another great way to promote the MRA. Society spends hours on social media each day and this is where most everyone gets all their information that they need such as news, weather, events, and yesÖ. even drama. With that being said social media is the platform for all forms types of communication and we should be abusing this platform so that more people can know who and what the MRA is all about.

    I know i am young and new but that does not define what i am capable of doing for the MRA. I am finally back to what i first fell in love with doing and that is racing. When i think about racing or anything related to it, i think back to when i was just a young boy and in those moments nothing else in the world mattered. We all have lives outside of racing but when we are around anything that has to do with racing nothing else matters except those moments. Why not make these moments even better and help show others that these moments exist.

    It is a blessing to have such a great group of people in my life. I want to say congratulations to all the other candidates for all of the board member positions and best of luck to you all! Again thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to run as Rider Rep PR & Events Candidate for the 2020 season, I would greatly appreciate your vote.

    Regards,óNathan Morales #126

    Rider Representative - Press & Communications Candidates

    Jim Brewer -

    I'm grateful to be nominated for 2020 Rider Rep, Press & Communications. I truly consider it an honor to serve the club that has meant so much to me for the many years I've been racing. I've raced with 9 American pro and amateur racing organizations at 24 tracks across the nation, so I really know how well the MRA has been, is, and will be as a club.

    I've been the Rider Rep for Press & Communications over the past few years and I would like to continue serving in that position. During my time on the board, it has been my intention to reach outside of Colorado into the entire nation to publicize the MRA through Roadracing World articles, activity in motorcycle racing forums, and social media postings in a number of places. To take that even further, I have well established contacts in other organizations, such as the AFM, AHRMA, USBA, and MotoAmerica to make sure that the MRA's national visibility is as high as it can be.
    An important aspect of anyone who serves on the MRA board is a willingness to do what's needed improve the operation of the club. For that, I've been fortunate to be the MRA representative to the CAMA Board of Directors (owners & operators of High Plains Raceway), and I've taken on a number of other responsibilities outside of normal rider rep duties to make sure we can provide the best racing experience available anywhere.

    I would appreciate your vote for rider rep, press & communications.
    Thanks in advance & regards - Jim Brewer #90

    Mike Daugherty

    Rider Representative - Trophy & Class Sponsorship Candidates

    Phil Pleiss-

    Thank you for the MRA Trophies and Class Sponsorship Rider Rep nomination for 2020. I am glad you are considering me for this position again in 2020. If elected this would be my second full term on the MRA Board Of Directors. In 2019 we had 35 classes sponsored and there were 96 trophies won each weekend. Previously as a racer I never fully realized the effort that went into our class sponsorship program, the revenue it generated for the MRA and how that impacted our trophies and awards.

    Motorcycles have been a part of my life from a very young age. Both of my parents rode back in the 70's and as a child I remember sitting on my Fatherís Yamaha in the garage for hours pretending I was racing it. I got my first motorcycle when I was 19 years old and have had nine since (and one scooter!). I first went to the track in 2010 when I attended the MRA Race School at High Plains Raceway. In 2013 I started racing with the MRA and 2020 will be my eighth season as a racer. Motorcycle racing is a huge passion of mine and I really enjoy being out at the race track. I have raced with a few other clubs and we have a superior trophy program. If elected I look forward to working with our current class sponsors again and growing relationships with any new sponsors so we can continue to have this trophy program. I would be honored to serve as your Rider Rep for Trophies and Class sponsorship in 2020.

    Thank you for your consideration

    Christopher Jaech -

    My name is Chris Jaech (pronounced ďyakĒ like the animal). This is my second year as a novice racer (#412) in the MRA; next year will be my third, and with any luck, as an expert. Currently, I race in 8-12 classes. I have enjoyed many MRA meetings and events in these two years. I raced one race with CVMA last year and intend to race three CVMA events this season, expanding my program to a year-round racing program. I am 43 years old; I was a firefighter and emergency management consultant for 25 years before transitioning to self-employment as an entrepreneur, consultant and business owner. In this, I have bridged, negotiated and managed long-term relationships. I have worked to create win-win solutions for clients and vendors alike. I have managed small- and large-scale projects including materials procurement and distribution.

    I believe the most significant role in this position is maintaining rooted relationships between sponsors and our club, as well as, cultivating new sponsorship opportunities and relationships. Naturally, trophies for our class podium winners are an essential and important part of any sanctioned race organization. I will take care and labor to continue the predecessors work of procuring high-quality trophies and awards for our organization. I will work to involve membership input in trophy aesthetics.

    I accepted this nomination because, this club has become a family to me, and I want to be more involved in supporting the successes and mitigating the failures we encounter. I believe I am the right candidate for this position given my nature in my professional- and personal-life to build and bridge relationships. My work schedule allows me flexibility to interact with current and potential sponsors throughout the year ensuring class sponsorship is filled and relationships are robust. Some of my vision includes, encouraging more promotion for the club from our sponsors and encouraging more promotion for sponsors from our club, through close sponsor collaboration while using more creative and progressive promotional tools available today. Thank you for your consideration.

    Chris Jaech #412

    Rider Representative - Rulebook

    Shannon Moham

    Hello and thank you for your support during this 2019 MRA season! I want to express how much I appreciate the opportunities you have given me over the years as your representative on the Board of Directors. My hope is that you will, once again, allow me to be your MRA rider representative for the 2020 season.
    My very first motorcycle was obtained at the ripe age of eight, and I successfully managed to crash into my neighbor's garage on Christmas morning. Letís just say I've come a long way! I have been racing motorcycles for more than a decade and have climbed my way through the ranks to become, what I feel, a very accomplished expert racer. Without question, I thoroughly love and enjoy racing motorcycles. My competitiveness and passion are two characteristics that help me bring new and exciting insight into the MRA. It is my belief that I offer a unique perspective to the board having raced with the majority of major road racing organizations in North America. This exposure enables me to bring a lot to the table. I have excelled in many races; from Lightweight to Race of the Rockies, while providing instruction and guidance to almost every superstreet class since its inception. The MRA is not just an organization that I belong too, not just an organization that I race for, it is a family. These are people that I choose to spend my weekends with, laughing, sharing, and yes, even hurting with. It is this very family that I will continue to represent. I will speak up for those who don't know how to voice their thoughts and/or opinions, and will help express any and all ideas of every racer. During my tenure as a MRA rider representative, there has been great satisfaction in being a part of a board that continually endeavors to improve. I also take pride that during my service as your rider representative for the rulebook I have created an entire set of rules and class structure for the annual four-hour endurance race, I developed a new practice structure, I championed Friday night tech, and I created a spirit of the rulebook ethos. I share the responsibilities of helping run tech and will continue being available to help the VP of Rules and Tech in the future.
    As a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, I have been blessed with an amazing educational experience and have led troops into combat. I have been and, continue to be, incredibly professional in every aspect of my life. I want only the best for the future of the MRA. I promise to faithfully work with the board members, the racers, and their families for the future of the club. The MRA has been an amazing experience in my life and I'm extremely grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful group of people.
    Thank you again for your consideration as the Rulebook Rider Rep for the 2020 season.
    Shannon Moham
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