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Thread: Round 7 HPR Corner Crew

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    Round 7 HPR Corner Crew

    Sept 28/29 is our
    final round of 2019. Corner worker appreciation comes to all that attend. We are full!! Except maybe one more person


    Damir Gonzales - Head Corner Marshal
    Terri Thompson - Start/Fin
    Andy Duda - Start/Fin
    Heather Colton - Pregrid
    Chase Speary - Mobile
    Dakota Bell - Crash Cart


    Mike Matteson
    Shyanne Burns
    Wyatt Burns
    John Glover
    Hector Ambriz
    Chris Dowd
    James Litton
    Ted Peak
    Starla Craig
    Sara Shuler
    Doug McCleary
    Chris Coleman
    Westin Zavadil
    Cira Lawrence

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