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Thread: November 2018 General Meeting Notes

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    November 2018 General Meeting Notes

    November 2018 General Meeting Notes

    MRA General Meeting Agenda
    November 14th 2018
    General Meeting

    Meeting Called to Order By: Jim Wilson @ 7:30pm
    Time & Location: November 14th 7:30pm The Boardroom
    Next Meeting Date & Time: NO DECEMBER MEETING @ 7:30pm The Boardroom

    Previous Minutes:
    Committee Reports:

    Report of Officers:

    President: Jim Wilson
    Thank you all for coming to the MRA annual elections meeting.
    Banquet this weekend all tickets are full price, no food on walk ups
    Doors open doors at 5pm
    Food starts between 545-6pm
    Awards ceremony starts at 7pm
    Hopefully they will open the car museum
    Parking- they have a gated parking lot they will close & lock it after we leave. if you leave your car in there you will not be able to get it back until Tuesday.

    Vice-President: Jeremy Alexander
    Season schedule done posted online we will have 1 PPIR, 2 Pueblo, 4 HPR
    Look forward to seeing everyone Saturday night

    VP Rules & Tech: Brett Leveque
    Clean your bikes in the off season

    Treasurer: Laci Lukchy
    If you bought an extra ticket I have paired them up with the appropriate people. If you paid for someone else’s ticket it will be under your name
    There’s no actual tickets it all will call at the door
    Sponsors need to know the names of who is attending

    Secretatry: Jen Grosse
    Your 2019 Board of directors is:
    Vice President- Jeremy Alexander
    Treasurer- Laci Lukachy
    New Rider Director- Jeff Brown
    VP of Rules & Tech- Brett Leveque
    Rider Rep Rules- Shannon Moham
    Rider Rep- Press- Jim Brewer
    Rider Rep Trophies- Phil Pleiss
    Rider Rep PR- Cindy Wulf

    New Rider Director: Jeff Brown

    Track Marshal: Dani Lee Clements
    Looking for some new staff for next year as some people are moving out of state.
    Let me know if you know anyone

    Rider Reps.

    • Rules: Shannon Moham
    • Rule change meeting was last weekend will review with Board of Directors & put things together will post on the forums when its ready

    • PR: Cindy Wulf

    • Trophies: Phil Pleiss
    • Trophies look good

    Press: Jim Brewer

    New Business:

    Unfinished Business:

    “Unless there are any objections, meeting is adjourned.
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