I hate to sell it but my van was T-boned and then I was boned by the insurance companies and what is a man without a van...
I bought this bike last summer, did a basic service on it and raced it twice. Before that it sat two years and before that Carl did his thing with it. It is in very good shape and is a dream to ride. No paper work but it was from Rocky Mountain Kawasaki and could be tracked down.
Travis 970-819-2106
$7217 for MRA racer.
2013 ZX10
Kawasaki Kit ECU and wire harness
Two spare wheel sets, one with rains and other with brand new Conti slicks Woodcraft sets and bars
M4 Exhaust
Ohlins steering dampener and rear shock
Suspension by STM
5 sets of extra EBC brake pads
Spare sprocket carier
Spare handlebar
Four different size sprockets
Shorai battery
New body, no damage.