Hindle Megaphone Race Exhaust. The unusual cylinder pairing of 1-4 and 2-3 is it's key to making power, in addition to the larger diameter down pipes and 4 into 2 collect pipes that go directly into the silencer. It makes a galloping/loping sound at idle like a drag car or race car with big cams and sounds really great. You would definitely feel a difference in the responsiveness and power of your bike by simply bolting this on. It would likely run lean with it breathing freer so a custom dyno tune is highly suggested. Do some research, Hindle is a Canadian company that has been around forever and puts tons of energy into research and development.

I raced my 2012 R6 this season with this exhaust. It made 111HP bone stock except for a K&N air filter and the tune my Mike at QuikCycles (91 octane pump gas). I'm building the bike this winter with a 2mm overbore kit and Arrow Evo exhaust so I'm not going to need it. If I wasn't going to build the bike to be 635cc and run race gas I'd be happy to keep this exhaust. For this altitude 111hp is really good power! Mike's dyno is known to be stingy and gives a true measure of power to the wheel. I'll give you the dyno power curve diagram if you buy the exhaust.

The exhaust has no leaks but has a small repair on the end of the silencer where a slow low side ground down a tiny bit of the end. The JB Weld just keep it from being dangerously sharp. The damage is minimal and does not effect the performance at all. If you are concerned about looks this exhaust is probably not for you. It needs polished up and the can has a few very minor dents.

I'm going to leave it on the bike so anyone who is interested can hear it. I also have video from the track all through the RPM range from on-board cameras and other riders' cameras. My girlfriend says it has a very distinctive sound that is super loud and very easy to identify even from a long distance. I personally love the sound of it.

The discoloration on the end of the silencer was from an R&G muffler slider that I took off and didn't clean for the picture. It could polish up nice with some elbow grease.

I'm firm on the price and will just keep it for a backup if I crash and really F up my Arrow system so please no haggeling.