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Thread: MRA Board of Directors Online Election Closes Tonight at 7:30pm MST

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    Exclamation MRA Board of Directors Online Election Closes Tonight at 7:30pm MST

    Just a friendly reminder; the MRA Board of Directors Online Elections close today, November 8th, at 7:30pm MST.

    If you are a current MRA Member, you should have recieved an email invitation a few weeks ago containing instructions to vote online in the 2018 MRA Board of Directors Election. If you did not recieve the invitation and you are a current member, please contact MRA Treasurer, Laci Lukachy, at

    The invitiation is tied to the email we have on record for you and allows for one vote only.

    The Annual Meeting & Election is scheduled for 7:30pm, November 8th, at The Boardroom located at 51 Dry Creek Ct. Littleton CO 80120.

    Physical ballots will be available before the start of the meeting to be cast by those that were unable to vote online. Write-in candidates will also be accepted at this time.

    The following MRA Board Positions are up for election:

    VP Rules and Tech
    Track Marshal
    Rider Rep - Rulebook
    Rider Rep - Trophies and Class Sponsorship
    Rider Rep - Public Relations & Events
    Rider Rep - Press & Communications

    Please visit the follow post on the MRA Forum to review the nominee's biographies:

    We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting and Election!
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