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    Cool 2018 Board of Directors Candidate Bios

    Here are the bios received from Candidates for the upcoming election.

    Voting will be online this year. Election meeting is November 8th at The Boardroom, 51 W Dry Creek Ct, Littleton, CO 80120. Meeting starts at 7:30 pm. The new Board of Directors will be announced at the end of the meeting.

    Jen Jen Grosse
    Secretary Canidate

    Hey Everyone,
    Iím Jen Grosse aka JenJen. Thank you for nominating me again. Most of you have known me for several years now but for those that donít hereís more about me. Iím the youngest of 4, the mom of 4 boys Georgio 24, Camron 21, Curtis 14 & my sleeping angel Westley would be 7, I also have 2 grandbabies Bell 10 mons & Kiyahn 3wks so Iím pretty good with chaos. I have been around the MRA since 2007 & the MRA Secretary since 2008. In 2007 I met my husband Rick Grosse he was a racer in the MRA, we had our 1st date at the Racetrack Memorial day weekend in Hastings Nebraska, from the moment I saw my first race I knew I was hooked. In 2008 I got involved with the MRA Board of Directorís. I had never been a racer or involved with something like this but I was eager & scared all at the same time. I have learned so much being on the Board, Everyone wants the best for the longevity of the MRA we donít always agree but we do come together to get the job done.

    You all are my family; we can laugh together & cry together! The MRA families stand by each other, everyone cares about each other, when bad situations happen we are all there showing our love, care & support no matter what. When I first got involved with the club & Rick crashed I remember thinking to myself ďWow these people are really awesome, the riders care about him & the wives cared about me!Ē I donít really know where else you would find that except here in this club. Knowing I have a family like this makes me a very lucky person, I couldnít ask for anything more. I enjoy getting to know you all & your loved ones, from watching your kiddos grow up & leave for college to meeting the new little future racers being born. I hope that someday one of my kids or grandkids will want to be involved with the MRA.

    Going into the next 2 years I will continue to work with and support my fellow Board members to ensure the longevity & future goals we have for the MRA. I will continue to share my knowledge & experience with new board members. I will continue to support, encourage, & cheer for all of you Racers! I will love your kids like they are my own, I will be a supportive hug for your significant other, and I will have your backs!! Even though I have been around for a while Iím always looking for new ways or ideas to improve efficiency of registration, gridding & results.

    Thank you again for nominating me. I look forward to working with you all over the next 2 seasons.


    Daniel "Danny Lee" Clements
    Track Marshal Candidate

    Hello, My name is Daniel Clements, better known as Danny Lee. I was first introduced to the MRA back in 2012 when I participated in my first Super Street race. I quickly became hooked on the sport, friends and family, and as they say, the rest is history.

    I am happy to have been nominated for the Track Marshal position and I think you will find that my concern for the safety of the riders, spectators and all onsite staff is of the utmost importance to me. Having served for several years on a committee dedicated to the elimination of hazards in an industrial work setting, this has given me the foresight to recognize any potential safety concerns and choose a best course of action to mitigate any issues. In past years I have worked closely with previous Track Marshals and I am aware of the many issues and concerns we face both on and off the track and, when needed, you can trust that the right call will be made.

    I want to thank you for considering me for the Track Marshal position. I am eager to take on this challenging new role and I look forward to serving you with trust, honesty and integrity. Lets have a fantastic 2018 season!

    Cindy Wulf
    Rider Rep PR & Events Candidate

    While itís true Ė Iím not your typical MRA racer, I am passionate about racing and about our club. Yes, OUR club. Iíve raced with multiple clubs, ridden tracks in most western states, traveled to watch racing, and consider myself a good ambassador for the sport and for our club.
    I have a job with a flexible schedule. I like to talk to people about racing. I figure that if an old lady can take up this sport at 49, anybody can. I like to learn about our sport, bikes in general, and the people who ride them.
    I am organized, thorough and hold integrity as my most important character trait. I do what I say Iím going to do, and I donít quit until the job is done. This job requires organization, communication, and desire. I have all of those qualities. I can/will work with other members to direct and assist in the effective promotion of our club. That should include the continued displays we have placed in businesses, a stronger social media presence, and possible alternative advertising.
    Thank you for considering me worthy of this position Ė Iíd appreciate your vote.
    Cindy Wulf

    Parissa Azarvand
    Rider Rep PR & Events Candidate

    Hello everyone! Firstly, Iím excited to have been nominated to be part of the board with a public facing role. The upcoming season will be my third season racing. Iíve been riding for almost seven years now. I was exposed to the track at the end of my second season, started racing by my fourth. Since then Iíve become a Motorcycle Safety Coach and Iíve held a position appointed by Scott Rybarik on the board with the USBA as their Social Media and Events Coordinator.

    Iím proud of the accomplishments that I made while being on the board in Utah. I became the ďgo to girlĒ for anyone that wanted to get on the track, or had questions about anything track related. I was successful in reaching out to riders who were unsure where to start when it came to getting on the racetrack. I helped facilitate those riders and ensured they had everything they needed and answered all questions they had before and during the race weekend. I also coordinated public facing events at local bike nights where I would represent the USBA and engage those that attended.

    Iím deeply committed to growing our club and engaging the local community in the very thing that we all live and breath for as racers. My commitment to our sport goes well beyond just a few weekends a year. This position holds a very important role in the betterment and quality of our race community, it is the revitalizing force that will continue to fill our grids with new members and create racers for life. This is a role that Iím passionate about being part of, because of that Iím confident that I will be an excellent fit for the MRA as your one of your rider representatives.

    I appreciate your consideration and I look forward to the adventures that weíll all share together.

    Yours truly,


    Phil Pleiss
    Rider Rep PR & Events Candidate

    Thank you for the 2018 MRA Public Relations/Events Rider Rep nomination. I would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to help support and grow the MRA. Motorcycles have been a part of my life from a very young age. Both of my parents rode back in the day. My Mom had a motorcycle before I was born and co-signed a loan for my first street bike when I was 19 years old. I got involved with the MRA and track riding in 2010 when I attended the Race School. In 2013 I started racing with the MRA and 2018 will be my sixth season racing. I have raced with a few other race clubs in Minnesota and Utah. I was lucky enough to attend a track day at COTA last fall. Every year I attend a US MotoGP race and I never miss a weekend that they race. Motorcycles are a huge passion of mine and I think that will fuel me to be a great Public Relations/Events Rider Rep for the MRA.

    If elected as the Public Relations/Events Rider Rep I would be responsible for local/regional PR events, E-Displays, flyers, and marketing to other race clubs. As a racer I always keep 2 for 1 passes in my wallet just in case I meet someone riding and I always tell them about our Superstreet program. I will do everything I can to help promote the MRA and get new riders to hear about the Super Street program. I will also be open to suggestions to how we can get our name out there to help grow the club. If there are new events we can attend I will help facilitate and organize them. I will gladly get the new canopy out there and represent the MRA. Another thing I would focus on this year is getting more racers to enter the 4 hour endurance race. We should try our best to capitalize on the resurfacing at HPR this year to improve our attendance with new racers!

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Phil Pleiss

    Scott Weitmann

    Rider Rep PR & Events Candidate

    Hello to the MRA Family. I have been nominated for the Public Relations/Events position, I have accepted this position and guarantee you that I will take pride and do everything I can to promote our club for an outstanding future!
    2018 will be my 4th year racing with the MRA and I feel that this is my time to step up and assist the growth of our club!
    A little about myself, I graduated from Northwestern Military Academy in 1990 as Company Commander and Salutatorian! Then I went on to College at Colorado Areo Tech and earned my degree as an Aviation Technician. I worked in the industry for several years then started my own business. I was on the board of directors as a Big O Tires franchisee. My ownership involved daily operations, advertising and promotions.
    The 2016 MRA season was an eye opener. It was time to assist with race weekend priorities. Volunteering my time with the Track Marshall setting up Air Fence, working the Pikes Peak Hill Climb ensuring the safety of our fellow roadracers was 100%! I was then awarded the Prestigious Sportsman of the Year Award. This was one of the best moments in my life! I take pride in my accomplishments and will assist others and share what I have earned. I have been involved and truly enjoy instructing in the Superstreet program during the 2017 season and will continue to assist Jeff Brown and the MRA promoting and coaching the future racers in our club.
    A major attribute that I've learned over the years is that I don't sit around waiting for things to come to me! I'm a go getter and know, "If I want something, I have to work hard for it and do what it takes to get it"!
    I have plans to promote the MRA including local and regional motorcycle dealerships, performance centers, bike nights, open houses and other race organizations to build our Superstreet and 4hr endurance programs. I want to reach out to our community of sportbike riders to give them the opportunity to race in a safe environment. The growth and future of our club is very important to me and I will do everything I can to promote and build the MRA in the upcoming years!

    Sincerely, Scott "Scooter" Weitmann 226

    Brett Leveque
    VP of Rules and Tech Candidate

    Thank you for the nomination to renew my term as VP of Rules and Tech. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2017 season serving the club. It was great to get to know more people and the inner workings of what makes the MRA tick. I am proud to continue to hold this position for the 2017 season and give something back to this great community of people.
    I have had an interest in racing and in motorcycles for as long as I can remember. It started out with cars as friendly competition between buddies and has progressed to be a lifelong passion. I started working on race teams in 2005 as a mechanic for a vintage racing shop in California. In 2007 I joined a pro team with the CHAMP Car series where I worked on a pit crew servicing our two entries. I continued part time with the same team to compete in the Grand-Am Rolex series where we fielded a car for several years in the 24 Hours of Daytona. We went on to also compete with ALMS and the IMSA TUDOR Championships.
    Growing up, I was always drawn to bikes and was able to purchase my first street going machine in 2006. I moved to Colorado in 2010 and was finally able to get out onto the track for the first time in 2012 when I learned of the MRAís Super Street program. From there I was hooked and competed in two full seasons as a novice in 2013 and 2014. 2015 offered some challenges that would not allow me to race but would not deter me from still being at every round, helping out where I can. I came back to race production in 2016 and hold my first term on the board and continued on a supersport in 2017 as well as renewed my term for VP of Rules and Tech
    Iíve had the opportunity to see many different aspects of this club from volunteering to corner work, helping at local events with booths, and helping our racers with pit crew duties outside of MRA events. I have always enjoyed getting new racers to attend our events and have helped prep several bikes for new riders and find them the gear they need to get started. In 2016 I was able to start something new for the MRA by collecting very generous donations from our members in the way of gear that we can now loan to help new riders who are looking to come race with us. We all know this is a dangerous and competitive sport and it is my goal to help ensure that we can keep this sport as safe and as fair as possible. Thank you,

    Brett Leveque

    Shannon Moham
    Rider Rep Rulebook Candidate

    Hello and thank you for your support during this 2017 MRA season! I want to express how much I appreciate the opportunities you have given me, over the years, in being your representative on the Board of Directors. My hope is that you will once again allow me to be your MRA rider representative for the 2018 season.

    My very first motorcycle was obtained at the ripe age of eight, and I successfully managed to crash into my neighbor's garage on Christmas morning. Letís just say I've come a long way! I have been racing motorcycles for more than a decade and have climbed my way through the ranks to become, what I feel, is a very accomplished expert racer. Without question, I thoroughly love and enjoy racing motorcycles. My competitiveness and passion are two characteristics that help me bring new and exciting insight into the MRA. It is my belief that I offer a unique perspective to the board having raced with the majority of major road racing organizations in North America. This exposure enables me to bring a lot to the table. I have excelled in many races, from lightweight to Race of the Rockies, while providing instruction and guidance to almost every superstreet class since its inception. The MRA is not just an organization that I belong too, not just an organization that I race for, it is a family. These are people that I choose to spend my weekends with, laughing, sharing, and yes, even hurting with. It is this very family that I will continue to represent. I will speak up for those who don't know how to voice their thoughts and/or opinions, and will help express any and all ideas of every racer. During my tenure as a MRA rider representative, there has been great satisfaction in being a part of a board that continually endeavors to improve. I also take pride that during my service as your rider representative for the rulebook I have created an entire set of rules and class structure for the annual four-hour endurance race; I championed Friday night tech; and I created a spirit of the rulebook ethos. I share the responsibilities of helping run tech and will continue being available to help the VP of Rules and Tech in the future.

    As a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and I have been blessed with an amazing educational experience and have led troops into combat. I have been and continue to be incredibly professional in every aspect of my life. I want only the best for the future of the MRA. I promise to faithfully work with the board members, the racers, and their families for the future of the club. The MRA has been an amazing experience in my life and I'm extremely grateful to have been a part of such a wonderful group of people.

    Thank you again for your consideration as the Rulebook Rider Rep for the 2018 season.

    See you on the track!

    Brian Dobrowolski
    Rider Rep Rulebook Candidate

    My name is Brian Dobrowolski and I am running for the rider rep position -rule book on the MRA board of directors. I have been a member with the MRA since 2013. I originally became involved with the MRA after my first track day in 2012. I started my race career by taking the new racer class with Jeff Brown to obtain my Novice licence. After my first few race rounds, I knew that this was an organization that I had to be a part of. Not only was I hooked on racing but, the people around with the MRA were amazing. I quickly learned that the MRA is a big family. Since I started racing, I have only missed one round, due to my mothers passing.
    I currently give back to the club by teaching Super Street. I regularly help other riders, on and off, the track with anything they need. I have coached fellow racers on lines, body position, and even mental issues. I have also spent long nights helping others repair their bikes when they have been in need.
    With that being said, I feel that I can contribute something more for the club and it's members. I would like to become a rider representative. I believe that the rulebook is a very good position for me. I see some discrepancies in the rulebook that I believe need to be changed for the better of the club and all MRA members. I have raced with the MRA, USBA, WERA, and AMA/MotoAmerica organizations. I have read and understand their rulebooks. With this knowledge, I know I can make the MRA's better.
    My career also makes me well suited for this position. I currently work for Bishop plumbing as a safety director and service technician. As the director of safety, I researched state and national guidelines to write a rulebook specifically for my company. I also implemented a training program and meetings so, all of our employees can do their job safely. This year the company recognized my hard work and gave me a seat on the board of directors.
    With my current dedication to motorcycles and the club, I believe I would be a great rider representative. And with my race and work experience, I am well qualified to be in charge of the rulebook.
    Thank you, vote for Brian Dobrowolski, rider rep- rule book.

    Jim Wilson
    President Candidate

    As the sitting President I want to thank you for electing me and trusting me to lead the club these past 4 years. As we come into election time I appreciate your consideration in having me continue in this roll.

    As a club we have faced a number of challenges in the past two years, not the least of which included events with inclement weather. It is always difficult to choose wisely in these situations to assure that the needs of the members are addressed. In many cases there are no good choices, and it is in these times that the experience of leadership and club operations is most valuable. In the following paragraphs Iím going to lay out some of my history with the club and articulate why you should re-elect me as your President for another 2 years.

    I have been privileged to serve this club in many capacities over the years. I have been an instructor for the MRA New Rider School and served on the air fence crew from 2007-09. From 2009-10, I was elected to the MRA Board as Rider Representative handling Public Relations and Events. In these two years I was able to build an MRA presence in the local dealers and riding community by creating and distributing various media such as posters and flyers, and attending local riding events and open houses. Iím proud to say that work has continued.

    In 2011, I was appointed Vice President for the 2012 season and then re-elected for the 2013-14 seasons. The major responsibilities of this position were membership and contingency. Both of these were new challenges for me, which I was able to meet and exceed to the clubís expectations. The experience I have gained from this has been invaluable and has provided me greater enthusiasm to continue serving as the leader of our club.

    Above I shared an example of the types of challenges weíve faced as a club during my presidency. Weíve also had some great successes over the past couple of years. Working with the Board of Directors and a number of outside entities we have been able to improve the user experience through programs like RaceHero. The technology of our sport is constantly evolving and the MRA is doing a good job providing a positive user experience from registration, through competition to the publishing of results.

    The past four seasons, I have served as your President. If re-elected I will continue to commit myself to maintaining a high level of service to the membership and board of this club by ensuring that my responsibilities and job duties are performed accurately and in a timely manner. I plan to continue the path that we have undertaken by keeping expenses low, constantly promoting and engaging potential new members, improving our processes and workflow with our online race management system and helping my fellow board members with being successful in their roles.

    2003 was my first year with the MRA and I am very proud of our club. Having the opportunity to race motorcycles has been the biggest thrill of my life. My fellow racers have become my greatest friends and the MRA has always felt like a big family. I believe the MRA has made great strides in recent years due to the unrelenting commitment from your board of directors. It is my goal to continue our mission of making the MRA a great club for racers and fans alike. It will be my honor to be your President again for the 2018-19 seasons.

    Thank you,

    Jim Wilson

    Jim Brewer

    Candidate - Rider Rep Publications

    I appreciate the nomination for Rider Rep, Publications for 2018. Although running unopposed, I like to say that I've enjoyed the last 2 years of returning to the board. I'd served on the board for about 7 years in the early 2000's and took a bit of a break to finish up my professional career. I think we have a very well running club and, although diverse in opinion, the 2017 board members have worked quite well together. I look forward to another year of serving.

    My main task is to author and distribute articles to various magazines and publications to enhance the MRA's visibility across the American roadracing community. Along with that, I typically coordinate the raceday announcing, MC the annual awards banquet, enhance and maintain the website, and participate in SuperStreet race instruction. I've also done some 1-on-1 coaching of new racers all of whom have licensed up and joined the MRA permanently.

    Thanks for your vote and if you have anything that you'd like to bring to the board for discussion, I can always be of help.

    Regards - Jim Brewer #90
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