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Thread: 2017 MRA General Meeting Schedue

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    2017 MRA General Meeting Schedue

    General meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month, except in December, when there is NO General Meeting.

    The 2017 ANNUAL MEETING of the MRA (when the election is held) will be November 9, 2016.

    A permanent location of the meeting is being discussed, but for April 2017, it will be at

    The Boardroom
    51 W. Dry Creek Ct
    Littleton, CO 80120

    7:00 pm

    2017 MRA General Meeting Schedule

    January 11th
    February 8th
    March 8th
    April 12th
    May 10th
    June 14th
    July 12th
    August 9th
    September 13th
    October 11th
    November 8th
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