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Thread: 2015 off season tire sale

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    2015 off season tire sale

    In order to fund our new expansion to cover the Wmrra and Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association series, we are raising funds the old fashion way, by selling our products! Here is a list of tires on sale:
    Supercorsa V2
    180/60 SC2: $200.70

    120/70 SC2: $162.00
    180/55 SC2: $191.70
    200/60 SC0, SC1, SC2: $200.70

    Supercorsa V1
    180/55 SC2: $161.10
    Metzeler Racetec SM
    120/80/420 K1: $151.20
    125/80/17 K2: $152.10
    165/55/17 K1: $175.50

    All of these can be found here:

    Good until supplies last! Free shipping to the Rocky Mountain and Northwest regions. Let us know if you have any questions.
    And yes, you can use your sponsorship discount as well. Happy shopping!!

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