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    Hire a personal photographer


    How would you like to hire a photographer to photograph YOU in your races. This is what im offering. I have more than 25 year experience shooting pictures and have been shooting MRA events for more than 4 years. You can find previous years photos at Im moving to a new business model. I will primarily be shooting riders based on subscriptions for either the season or a single race weekend (Sat/Sun).

    New Pricing:

    Single Race Subscription: $55.00 via paypal, $50.00 in person


    ImagesbyDJW will provide you ALL the pictures shot of you for the race weekend. Once your subscription is paid for, shooting you in your races is my priority, others riders will be secondary after I have photographed you. Typically during a race I will get shots from various corners and angles so you will have variety in all of your shots. A typical race of 8 laps will provide you with anywhere from 10-20 shots in various corners as I typically move during laps.

    You will be provided a Dropbox shared folder where photos will be placed after they have been processed for you to download the week after the race occurs. You may use these high quality photos for your personal use; they are NOT to be resold. If used for advertising or any publications credit will be given to Dan Whelchel at I can take requests for certain shots you may want in certain corners or angles. These will not be low resolution images, these are 18.1mp images out of the camera, some may be slightly cropped during processing.

    Disclaimer: Because of the time I will spend shooting riders that have signed up for this offer other riders may be left out of the weekend shots. I am not responsible for missing shots due to bad weather, crashes, mechanical, rider no shows or hardware failures.

    My current plan is to make the following races:

    Race 6 HPR - All Weekend
    Race 7 PPIR - All Weekend

    You can contact me at with any additional questions.


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