Some of you may have seen this on the MRA Facebook page already, but I wanted to get this out there for Nate and Bloodnickle. Here's what he said:
Hey MRA and Street rider folks. Remember that guy Nate that busted his butt all summer to make sure ya'll had repaired suits and, graphics for the race season? He's still here (for now) and would be more than happy to be working on your stuff during the winter months. He's offering deep discounts on custom suits during the off season. Feel free to take advantage of that. He and his son would love to come join ya on the track next summer but as it stands now that may not happen due to lack of funds. Just bitchin, and pleading for work. Thanks for reading. Sorry to whine.

So Nate has done an amazing job keeping my leathers looking good and more importantly SAFE! Every time I crashed and brought them to him not only did he repair what I asked hi. To but he went through the whole suit to make sure it was safe and sound for the next time I went sliding down the track on my ass.
The dude is a serious local asset to the club and busts his ass every spring when we procrastinating racers want everything done. So, if you know your suit needs work, you need graphics, or you're even considering a custom suit (which are amazing, ask Brewer) get in there early. Don't wait till the mad rush in the spring!! Hit him up.
Nate Butler
(720) 243-2059