Formula 40 current rules;
Unlimited displacement and origin
Racer must be 40 years of age or older on the day of the event
Experts who race RoR and are a MRA top 10 plate holder from the previous
season are ineligible to race Formula 40 that season (see section 4.2 C).

Create two Formula 40 classes to be run at the same time, similar to how we run the different endurance classes at the same time:
Formula 40 GTU and Formula 40 GTO.

Eliminate any restrictions on ROR racers entering Formula 40 to make it open to any racer 40 or older.
I'm quoting Mike's post in the general rule change thread to open the discussion. Thanks Mike!! 8)

The above proposed rule change is how I originally proposed F40 when we created it. F40 GTU and GTO, 2 separate grids scheduled together. Open to every racer including all the old ROR guys. The rules committee at the time voted in a modified version.

I support the idea if we have enough people in each of the 2 new groups, GTU and GTO. The grid this year was decent, but dividing it in half makes each class small. Is this a good idea?

Also I would like to see the 2 waves/classes start at the same time if they're separate.