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Thread: MWSS Discussion Thread

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    MWSS Discussion Thread

    Taken from Aaron's post in the rule change thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kingpin
    Suggest chage to section 2.2.3 Class displacement and configuration limits.

    Section A: Middleweight super sport

    Suggest changing From up to 600cc four cylinder
    To. 640cc four cylinder

    Reason is to allow for potential of 2013 zx6r just in case some one wants to buy one.
    (P.S. no I'm not buying one) but thought it would be good not to restrict their new bike offering.
    Questions I have -

    1) Should the rule be re-worded: "up to 640cc as originally produced by the manufacturer"

    2) Should overbore be allowed for motorcycles that were not produced as 640cc?
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    Re: MWSS Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by rybo
    2) Should overbore be allowed for motorcycles that were not produced as 640cc?
    I would say only if the OEM piston from the current model can be used, else you would be allowing higher compression pistons in a SS class.
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    My intention was for OEM displacement equipment only.

    And acutually does that mean someone can run an overboard 675 because our rules say it can go up 750? (Actually no..See Section 2.2.2 F)
    Or I believe the 750cc three cylinder rule was probably made back in 1977 for the Yamaha XS750 tripple. :shock:

    A. Middleweight Supersport
    Up to 600cc four cylinder
    Up to 650cc pre-1984 four cylinder
    Up to 750cc three cylinder, four stroke
    Up to 850cc two cylinder, four stroke, three or more valves per cylinder
    Up to 904cc two cylinder, four stroke, two valves per cylinder, air cooled
    Unlimited displacement pushrod, two cylinder, four stroke, two valves per
    cylinder, air cooled : :shock:

    2.2.2 Class Equipment Requirements
    F. Engine modifications on two cylinder motorcycles with fewer than four valves
    per cylinder are unlimited. All other motorcycles are limited to the following:
    a. Except as noted, all internal and external engine parts must remain stock with no
    modifications, metal removal, blueprinting, or surface treatments.
    b. Pistons, rings, piston pins and circlips may be replaced only with standard bore,
    stock productions items. There is NO allowance for overbore.
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    My off the cuff opinion is that it is shameful enough we have to allow a larger 600cc inline because a manufacturer doesn't want to stay within the standard 600 to be competitive. Cheaters! We shouldn't allow over bore on all because then again the SS classes become a money race.
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    Let em race heavyweight.

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