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Thread: Dropping a round...?

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    Dropping a round...?

    Have we ever considered dropping each riderís lowest scoring round from the championship standings? With my current job, thereís essentially no chance I can make it to every round in any particular season, and I would assume there are others in the same boat. Iím not insinuating that I will be in the running for a championship in the near future, nor am I requesting the rules be altered solely for me, but I think at the club level it may be something to consider. Iím sure there is some concern that it may diminish turnout at the last round, but if we continue to do double point final rounds, I canít imagine it would be a problem.

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    We have discussed this in the past.

    What is currently in the works is a restructuring of the points system so that we don't have do to weird, one off things like double points or dropping a round for a rider to be competitive and miss one round.

    We all miss rounds for one reason or another, even if we are at the racetrack. A mechanical, a fall, a missed 'thrid call' etc can all put a season in jeopardy. And then there is the rest of our lives.

    Have a look here for a proposal on a rule change that significantly changes to point structure.

    Then if you still think that adding a provision to drop a round is a better plan feel free to make that rule change suggestion in the same thread.

    It's great when the members get engaged! - hope to see you at the rule change meeting this fall!

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