View Full Version : Michelin Contingency for PPIR as been Filed! $$$ Soon!!!

Vanmar Racing
May 25th, 2011, 11:20 AM
Hello Michelin Riders!
I have filed the Michelin Contingency today and if it's like last time you should see your $$$ by this Friday....

I have heard alot of talk about the fact that the contingency money only benefits the few and the fast, but I want to pass along this info....
Michelin Contingency went to 27 different racers for the PPIR event.

MICHELIN total pay outs for PPIR were $$$ 5725.00 !!!!!

Here is a list of the Contingency Earners
Totals for PPIR
Peter Tabor= 400.00
Dennis Stowers = 50.00
Steve Robards = 75.00
Matt Diehl= 60.00
Zach Shearon= 210.00
Jonathan Kuo= 80.00
Shannon Moham= 975.00
Aaron Hersh = 200.00
John Burr= 80.00
Tracy Schram= 415.00
Casey Smith=60.00
Scott Rybarik=140.00
Joe Turek=50.00
Fernando Arroyos= 100.00
Donna Turner=175.00
Steve Grubbs=140.00
Jon Glaefke=75.00
Shane Turpin=900.00
Mike Hellerstedt=140.00
Tim Young=350.00
Rob Christman=430.00
Tony Baker=100.00
Chris Fuller=100.00
Ray Gaimara=230.00
Sam Coleman= 80.00
Siobhan Bennett=60.00
Trina Dawson=50.00

Total Payout for PPIR=$$$5725.00

Congrats to all the Michelin Racers for your efforts at PPIR!