View Full Version : Michelin Riders bring home most wins at 1st Race 2011 !!!

Vanmar Racing
May 10th, 2011, 08:04 AM
Congrats to ALL the Michelin riders for your awesome riding at HPR this weekend !

Thanks to your hard work and skills, Michelin was able to claim the most wins at HPR for the first race of 2011....

Vanmar Racing wants to send a big THANK YOU to ALL of our Team Michelin riders. We appreciate you!

Congratulations to ....

Zach Shearon- 1ST Place AM GTU ... First win EVER!!!!! Woot Woot!!!

Pete Tabor- 1st Place Nov-U and Nov-O You rode like the wind Pete!

Aaron Hersh- 1st Place in Mod Vin-U and Mod Vin-O You showed them! and your bike looks bitchin!

Donna Turner- 1st Place LOR !(Damn Donna! You Killed it out there after not riding since forever! Smooth and aggresive!

Ray Gaimara- 1st Place ST GTU- Nice job riding and taking the WIN!!!!

Shannon Moham= 1st Place LWGP and LW end- Shannon. We know you had a tough weekend with mechanicals but like a true Champion you didn't let it get you down!

Jon Glaefke- 1st Place- Thunderbike! Nice ride to the checkered flag Jon!!!!

Rob Christman- 1st Place Open Endurance- Way to go Rob, We sure love having you back racing with us! Thanks for being you!

Shane Turpin 1st Place Race of the Rockies GTO, HWSB and Open SB !!!

Shane, After your horrible accident, you spent last season riding through the pain. You put your head down and wouldn't give up. You have the true heart of a CHAMPION! Look at what you accomplished!!!
We love you Shane !!!