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January 3rd, 2011, 11:09 AM
So you want to Roadrace?

Welcome to the exciting introduction to roadracing. For the rare few of us, nothing can replace the exhilaration and challenge roadracing can provide. Roadracing is one of those rare sports that can humble the "fastest street rider" in no time. As well, experience through track time is more important than having the fastest motorcycle, so before you start creating the fastest least reliable motorcycle you can dream up, get your feet wet and sample the classes you would like to run.

Before we begin, the MRA Rulebook is the authority on all things that will or will not be allowed on the racetrack come any given Sunday. It will give you an idea of what needs to be safety wired, what is legal on a "Supersport" motorcycle, and everything else related to our wonderful world of racing with the MRA. If you have not read it front to back, get it now, and read it now. It will save you lots of work in the long run, and can be found here:


To get an MRA race license, all novice riders must take a "Race School" with the MRA, or through an accredited local race instructor.

The MRA race school for 2014 is:

Friday, April 18th 7:00 PM - Evening Classroom Session (Fay Myers Motorcycle World Clubhouse. Doors open at 6:00pm)
Saturday April 19th - On-Track Session #1 (High Plains Raceway)

School includes evening classroom session (mandatory) and the on-track session.

Dates subject to change due to weather / track conditions.

To take part in the MRA Race Schools, you must have full protective leather gear. This includes a high quality Snell rated helmet, leather jacket, pants, and high quality gloves and boots. Roadracing is a serious sport, and you should always make safety your first concern.

For the race school, your current bike should be in good working order. Road racing puts MUCH more stress on your motorcycle compared to "canyon carving" - and you should make sure your bike is good shape with good tires, tight steering head bearings, etc etc. For the school, you are not required to "safety wire" any parts, but are required to tape up your lights and mirrors.

Quick Pre-School CheckList:

* Mirrors and lights taped up
* Functional steering damper
* Gasoline
* Tire air pressure gauge

* Helmet(snell95 or better)
* Leathers(1pc. or 2pc. that zip all the way around)
* Back protector
* Leather Gloves
* Boots
* Water or Gatoraide
* Lunch/snack
* Pens/Paper
* Friend to help you on the track day
* Shade from the sun

There are a great many details that must be covered when it comes time to set up your motorcycle to race with the MRA outside a school such as a steering damper, case guards, belly pan, and other such items. These items MUST be done before you will be allowed to race with the MRA, and each and every race morning the MRA "tech's" each motorcycle to ensure your safety.

The expert racers of the MRA are generally willing to answer questions, and people such as the MRA New Rider Director Jeff Brown are always willing to help. Contact Jeff with specific questions regarding roadracing with the MRA for the first time.

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