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Vanmar Racing
October 28th, 2010, 02:44 PM
I heard a rumor going through the pits that Michelin's were not the FASTEST TIRE choice....
So I did a little research and here's what I found out.....

AT High Plaines Raceway

MICHELIN DOT RACE TIRES hold the overwhelming majority of the Class Records as of 9/3/2010

Amateur GTU- Tony Ross 8/29/10 Michelin Slicks
Heavyweight SuperSport - Matt Lynn- 5/9/09 Michelin P1 DOTs
Ladies of the Rockies- Wyeth Jackson- 8/1/10 Michelin P1 Dots
Lightweight GP- Shane Turpin- 6/6/09 Michelin P1 Dots
Middleweight Superbike - Dalton Dimick-8/29/10 Michelin P1 Dots
Middleweight Supersport- Matt Lynn- 5/9/09 Michelin P1 Dots
Modern Vintage GTO- David Hetzler- 7/26/09
Modern Vintage GTU- Shannon Moham-8/29/10 Michelin P1 Dots
Novice GTO- Zach Shearon- 7/25/09 Michelin P1 Dots
Open Superbike- Shane Turpin- 6/7/09 Michelin P1 Dots
Open Super Sport- Matt Lynn- 5/9/09 Michelin P1 Dots
Race of the Rockies GTO- Jason DiSalvo- 5/10/09 Michelin P1 Dots
Supertwins GTO- Chris Fillmore- 8/29/10- Michelin P1 Dots
Supertwins GTU- Shannon Moham- 7/26/09 Michelin P1 Dots
Lightweight End.- Shannon Moham- 8/28/10-Michelin P1 Dots
MW End.- Dalton Dimmick- 8/28/10- Michelin P1 Dots
Open Endurance- Rob Christman- 5/1/10 Michelin 16.5 Slicks

17 of the possible 23 records were set on Michelin Tires !!!
3 on Bridgestones
2 on Dunlops
and 1 I'm not sure....

Including the ABSOLUTE TRACK RECORD of 1:44.354 set by MATT LYNN on 5/9/09 on MICHELIN POWER ONE DOT RACE TIRES !!! (Yes, the same ones everyone gets when they walk up to our trailer)

Thanks to all of these Class Record racers for giving it their all and making Michelin the best tire choice to go really fast !!!!

October 28th, 2010, 08:09 PM
The official records website has been updated now to include our last round at HPR. Here is the posting: http://forums.mra-racing.org/viewtopic.php?p=71056#71056

Two riders broke records: Rob Christman improved his own record in Open Endurance and Brian Johnson claimed a new spot in Middleweight Endurance. Don't know if this affects the specifics of any claims mentioned, but now all of the information is up to date.


November 3rd, 2010, 03:59 PM
Oh Wow Sweet I'm forsure gonna get me some of those for my bike. Nice Nice.