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Sol Performance
July 20th, 2015, 10:05 PM
Here are your Sol Performance/Pirelli​ contingency and lottery winners for round 4 of the Motorcycle Roadracing Association (MRA)​ season.

Contingency winners:
ROR-O $175: Chris TerraNami​
ROR-U $100: Evan Cordonier​
OSB $50: Chris TerraNami
MWSB $50: Evan Cordonier
ST-O $50: Mark Hellvig​
AM-O $50: Tim Mayhew
NOV-O $25: Tim Mayhew
LOR $25: Wyeth Jackson​
500 Prod (Sunday): None
400 Prod (Sunday) $30: David Absolon​
250/300 Prod (Sunday) $25: Jose Rivera

Sol Performance Lottery winners (Rememeber, ALL Sol Performance riders are eligible):
$187.50: Jose Rivera​
$250: Tim Mayhew​
$62.50: Joseph LoGalbo​

All payouts will be in your email inbox shortly!!

Additionally, a donation for every Pirelli win has been made to the R4 charity, Scleroderma Foundation​ (what my Father passed away from). On behalf of all of the MRA Pirelli riders.
Congrats to all the winners and please visit the contingency area on solperformance.com for contingency rules and information. (www.solperformance.com/pages/contingency)
Unfortunately, 1 rider was disqualified because they didn't have us listed as a sponsor. Was it you??
See you at round 5 at High Plains Raceway​!