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Sol Performance
February 15th, 2014, 12:51 PM
For anyone that is new to the MRA I would like to reintroduce myself and Sol Performance.

I have been in the motorcycle community since early 2000's. While in college, I was working part time with Dunlop in the MotoGP/AMA/club racing series. Graduated college with my Space Engineering degree. Was actually chosen by Dunlop to be a part of their MotoGP tire technician team. Due to visa complications, I was not able to work in England for Dunlop. Decided to work full time for Dunlop here in the states. After some time, I decided not to be on the road 90% of time. I decided to come back home to Colorado and be a dealer for them here in the MRA. After 2 years of dealing Dunlop tires, a change in distributorship forced me to make changes for the better of my business. Now I have two years under my belt as a Pirelli dealer. The tires are great and I am learning more about them every week!!

Some key experiences I have had:
Worked extensively in the AMA and club racing.
Personally assisted a few AMA riders achieve top 10 finishes.
A lot of experience with MotoGP racing.
Some experience in WSBK.
Was an integral part of the record breaking run by Ducati at the 2012 Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Smashed the record yet again in 2013. This time also making history by helping an electric bike finish before any other gas bike. First time ever in a mixed entry race. Also, assisted a handful of racers with their first year of doing the climb.
Was part of testing Dunlop unbeaten 250 tires before they were introduced to the US.
Tested a new Pirelli tire at COTA with a couple of MotoGP riders in 2013.
2013 was also the first time I helped to set a track record outside Colorado. (Chuckwalla F40 class w/Rob Christman)
Plus more....

Some key business features of Sol Performance:
Since being a part of the MRA, Sol Performance has helped riders break NUMEROUS club and personal best records.
Helped the riders take 1st in both 4 hour "Pony express" and "True Endurance" classes 2013. The True Endurance team raced the entire 4 hours on one set of tires!
In 2012 and 2013, 6 out of the top 10 plate riders chose Sol Performance for some sort of tire need.
We are always at the track at 7am on Friday until the end of the last race on Sunday.
Our presence is continually at the pit wall in the event that you need immediate technical assistance.
We offer the race tire consignment program via 2ndroll.com. (Contact for info)
Sol Performance offsets the lack of Pirelli Corporate Contingency by implementing the Contingency lottery system. (Contact for info)
Offer great deals on parts and service to our sponsored riders only.
The official exclusive dealer for Chicken Hawk Racing, Suzuka and Pirelli products for the MRA.
Hosting the annual Motokart racing event. An annual off season go kart event for the MRA riders to get out and have some fun in the winter time.
and the list definitely goes on...

So why am I posting, what seems like, a personal ad for my business and myself? Although motorcycle racing only involves one bike and rider on the track, in the paddock and pits it's much more than that. A good relationship with your tire and suspension guy is key. Also, the work and effort that your mechanic, parents and even significant other can make the difference between a great race and a bad one for you.

I also believe that a racing partnership is a two way street. How can you choose (and trust) a tire guy and brand to run with if you don't know anything about them??

This is very similar to the posting for 2013 and for a reason. I believe we are doing the best we possibly can to support our riders (This includes my helper, Dara). So why change that?? 2013 was a great year, but we already know 2014 is going to be better.
It's not too late to apply for sponsorship and build a good partnership for the upcoming season. Contact us at the avenues below to talk about how we can make your best, even better.