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  1. Marketing and PR campaign
  2. A bit of History...
  3. Who's in?
  4. Not starting from scratch
  5. 1st PR Meeting
  6. First Meeting Notes
  7. Progress?
  8. Meetin tonight at 6:00?
  9. Darc racing link
  10. Radio Time
  11. Novice Hours
  12. Meet Wednesday
  13. Mama Nag
  14. printing time
  15. How ya doin? Your list of stuff to do
  16. Adopt-A-Novice
  17. Meet and Greets
  18. Materials for Distribution
  19. Time to get going on the Media
  20. Where is everyone?
  21. Just a thought!!!!
  22. MRA T-Shirt Poll....
  23. Open house this Saturday at Boulder Motorsports
  24. News Media Alert!!!
  25. Roll Call
  26. Place to list new PR ideas, July 6th, 2009
  27. PR for 2010 Season
  28. Great PR event for the MRA *Novices can work off hours*
  29. 2010 MRA Schedule Flyer
  30. platform for bike display
  31. MRA Election is announced
  32. Those staffing the Rod & Custom show this weekend.....
  33. Feedback on Today's ~ New Riders Road Racing Clinic
  34. Dates and times for streetbike class Q and A meetings
  35. MRA at Colorado Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet this weekend!
  36. 2010 MRA Super Street Class Flyer
  37. Harley Davidson swap meet
  38. 9News launches motorsports section
  39. Class Sponsor's
  40. Kudos to Jim Wilson
  41. 2010 MRA Posters/Flyers Distribution Status-Updated 8/12
  42. Results from the two north super street meetings
  43. MRA Display @ Denver Auto Show 4/7-11, Need Volunteers
  44. MRA at Supertune Motorsports open house today
  45. Press for this weekend
  46. MRA Calendar of Events
  47. Upcoming 2010 PR Events
  48. Media passes
  49. The Metro Mile this Saturday
  50. MRA wants your race video footage
  51. Rocky Mountain Rod &Custom Show Nov26-28 Need Volunteers
  52. 2011 MRA Posters and Fliers
  53. Colorado Motorcycle Show & Swap, Need Novice Volunteers
  54. MRA in ABATE Spokesman
  55. 2011 MRA Poster/Flier Distribution Status
  56. Upcoming 2011 PR Events
  57. Motogear Outlet Open House April 2nd
  58. Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities-4/30 Supertune&5/1 MadM
  59. Volunteer opportunities Saturday May 14th
  60. Volunteer opportunities @ Hooters Bike Nights
  61. MRA Article in Scooternews May Issue
  62. Volunteer opportunity @ Grand Prix Open House Sat June 4th
  63. Briarhurst Manor 4th Annual Father's Day Car Show June 19th
  64. Volunteer opportunity@Faster Grand Re-Opening Sat June 4th
  65. Volunteer opportunity@BMW of Denver Swap Meet Sat June 25th
  66. Volunteer opportunity @ Performance Cycle BikeNight Sat 6/18
  67. Walmart exposure?
  68. Volunteer opportunity @ Pueblo Friday Night Drags July 8th
  69. ABATE of Colorado Motorcycle Expo Sun 8/13@Dicks
  70. Need volunteer help @ Hooters this Wed night
  71. 9/11 Freedom Rally?
  72. All Motorcycle Show N Go @ PPIR this Saturday Oct 1st
  73. Volunteer opportunity @ Performance Cycle Fri Nov 25th
  74. Colorado Motorcycle Show &Swap Jan 28-29,Need Volunteers
  75. 2012 MRA Poster
  76. MRA on Facebook
  77. Colorado Springs Motorcycle Show, March 17/18th
  78. Volunteer: RMK Daytona 200 Party, March 17th
  79. Volunteer: Denver's St. Patrick's Day Parade, March 16/17th
  80. Volunteer: BMW Of Denver's 40th Anniversary Party, May 12th
  81. Volunteer: Motorado Grand Opening Party, March 25th
  82. Volunteer opportunity: ABATE's Motorcycle Expo May 13th
  83. Interstate Honda Open House April 20/21st: Volunteer
  84. MRA E-Display in Fay Myers
  85. MRA Bike Night @ Lil Ricci's and Off Broadway Lounge May17th
  86. Rocky Mountain Kawasaki Open House: Volunteer June 2nd
  87. Grand Prix Vendor Bike night @ Lil' Ricci's & off Broadw
  88. Grand Prix Motor Sports Spring Open House June 22-23
  89. Fay Myers Two Wheel Tuesdays @ The Rock
  90. [url]www.visitaurora.com:[/url] Promotes the MRA
  91. MRA E-Display in Performance Cycle of Colorado
  92. Interstate Honda Bike Night 7/13 @ Interstate Honda
  93. Apex Sports Open House 7/21: Volunteer for this event
  94. Noco Moto Rider's First Event
  95. MRA E-Display at Vickery Motorsports
  96. Grand Prix Motorsports Bike Wash @ Little Ricci's July 19th
  97. Quaker Steak & Lube Bike Night Every Wednesday
  98. Quaker Steak and Lube Wed Bike Night 7/25/12
  99. Faster Motorsports Open House, August 11th
  100. MRA Link on soonerbillz.com
  102. Colorado Motorcycle Show and Swap with ABATE Feb 2nd/3rd
  103. MRA E-Display in Grand Prix Motorsports
  104. Thank You Brochure Volunteers
  105. MRA Media in Cheyenne
  106. Rocky Mountain Kawasaki Daytona 200 party 2013
  107. Denver International Auto Show 2013
  108. Race School Hosted by the MRA is a Success!
  109. ABATE Motorcycle Expo 2013
  110. MRA E-Display at Northern Colorado Euro Motorcycle
  111. MRA E-Display At Rocky Mountain Kawasaki
  112. MRA E-Display at Tri City Cycle
  113. MRA E-Display at Interstate Honda
  114. MRA E-Display at Wild West Motorsports
  115. MRA E-Display at Fort Collins Motorsports
  116. MRA E-Display at IMI Motorsports Complex
  117. MRA E-Display at ACES Motorcycles
  118. MRA Promotional Media Distribution List/Status: VOLUNTEER
  119. Northern Colorado Euro Motorcycle Open House 2013
  120. Fay Myers Block Party Open House May 18th: Volunteers Needed
  121. MRA E-Display at Apex Sports
  122. MRA E-Display at High Plains Raceway
  123. Latest MRA E-Display at Fay Myers
  124. Latest MRA E-Display at Vickery Motorsports
  125. More Super Street Brochures recycled and distributed
  126. MRA E-Display at Sun Honda
  127. Rocky Mountain Kawasaki Open House 2013
  128. How can you support the growth of the MRA
  129. MRA E-Display at Factory Trained Auto Repair
  130. MRA E-Display at Boulder Motor Sports
  131. MRA E-Display at Colorado Powersports Denver
  132. MRA E-Display at Colorado Powersports Boulder
  133. MRA E-Display at BMW Motorcycles of Denver
  134. MRA E-Display at Mile High Harley Davidson
  135. Latest MRA E-Display at Performance-Cycle Colorado
  136. Willie B. Day at High Plains Raceway
  137. MRA E-Display at G-Force Powersports
  138. Grand Prix Motorsports at Lil Ricci's
  139. MRA Awards Ceremony Video (The MRA Needs You)
  140. MRA Link on Interstate Honda's Website
  141. MRA E-Display at Aurora Honda
  142. MRA E-Display Memory Update For the Holidays
  143. 2014 Colorado Motorcycle Expo Feb 1-2 with ABATE of Colorado
  144. MRA promotional media distribution 2014: Volunteer
  145. Adopt an MRA E-Display: Volunteer
  146. BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado Presentation
  147. ABATE Motorcycle Expo 2014
  148. Place to get posters etc?
  149. Fay Myers Block Party 2014 - Need Volunteers
  150. MRA Racer at the Makers Faire (First in History)